Husband dream meanings


Yang aspect of the one, partnership.


Who am I committed to?


European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Uncertainty if husband leaves you – the one who dreams of her husband leaving her is afraid of the relationships or situation the spouses are in at the moment;
    Disappointments if husband dead – the dream in which the husband is dead, indicates sorrow and pain one will suffer;
  • Unfaithfulness if husband is ill – to dream of the husband that is ill, denotes to falseness and uncertainty the wife will suffer from her husband;
  • Fear of losing the husband if he loves somebody else – the dream in which the husband is devoted to other woman, signifies worries and fear the dreamer has of losing hr spouse;
  • Happiness if happy husband – the dream in which the husband seems cheerful, happy and nice promises the peace and security in your family, especially in relationships with your husband;
  • the desire for a family if married in a dream – the dreamer, that is unmarried in reality, but has a husband in her dream, hopes to find the significant other, as it would make her feel better and fulfill the life completely;
  • Healthy husband if husband dies – such dream indicates the good health of the husband and his ability to perform in a family life, as the death indicates the rebirth either;
  • Worries if dream of divorcing husband – the one who divorces the husband is actually thinking of such an opportunity or is afraid of getting in a such situation and losing the partner;
  • Requirement for changes if husband asked for divorced – to dream that the husband asked for divorce, points out the issues, which needs to be suppressed in your behavior. Maybe the dreamer is very detailed person, therefore such characteristic annoys your partner and it reflects only in the dreams;
  • Sickness if husband face is pale – the dream in which you see the face of your husband being white or pale, shows the serious illness you or people around you that you are close to will suffer;
  • Lack of attention if husband falls in love with somebody else – the dreamer who dreams of her husband being in love with the other woman, feels lonely and unappreciated, therefore she dreams of the husband who does not need her anymore. There is a necessity, to tell your husband how you feel and get back those feeling you’ve had before;
  • Problems in marriage if the dreamer falls in love with friend’s husband – such dream shows the problems that has not been sorted out between you and your significant other;
  • Desire for more attention if having sex with the husband – the dream in which you have sex with your husband, indicates the need of more care and consideration from the husband;
  • Longing for ex-husband if dream of having sex with ex-husband – such dream shows the lack of sex or care from currant partner, or the dreamer remembers the past and wishes for tender and care from the ex-husband. The dream could also show the lack of sex in the dreamer’s life, especially if having wild sex with the ex-husband;
  • Lack of intimacy if getting married second time with husband – to get married for the second time with your husband, denotes to the gap between the marital people;
  • Wealthy life if husband got killed – usually the dreams in which your husband has been killed, signifies the opposite of the killing, which means that the dreamer with the spouse partner will have a rich and wealthy life;
  • Great achievements if husband killed someone – to dream of the husband, that killed somebody indicates the goals that will be reached;
  • Generosity if single woman dreamed of having husband – such dream shows how generous, honest and great person the dreamer is.

* Please, see meaning of marriage, wife.

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  1. Pls I dreamt and saw a coffin and people mourning someone I know but my sleep was destructed and I couldn’t identify the actual person in the coffin…it’s not making me get the full meaning of the dream