Wife dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about wife may connote quiet, fellow-feeling and acquaintanceship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Wife - Association: The main aspect with yourself. Question: Who is it that i have a connection with? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Disputes if see your wife – the one who sees his own wife in a dream, is going to deal with troubles in a family. Alternatively, the dream may indicate the perfect relationships with your wife, especially if she was smiling in a dream; Profitable business if friendly wife – the dream in which the dreamer is communicating with the wife and she is exceptionally friendly, indicates the gain in a business affairs; General turmoil if beaten wife – to... (read more)
  • Old woman (wife) - General Meanings: Old woman (wife, female) is interpreted in dreams like woman, but old woman’s symbolism in dream is less erotic. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if see old woman – In the dream you see an old woman then this dream may be a warning of negative information. Hindu (Hinduism) Slander if see old woman – To dream of old woman, then this is a signal of gossip and slander; Stupid things if old woman (wife) looks young – In your dream you see old wife and she looks younger then you will commit foolish matters; Fury if see old woman’s... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...a dream. Drinking more water in a dream than what one usually drinks in wakefulness means longevity. ggg If one glass of water does not quench one’s thirst in the dream, it means discord between husband and wife. If one immerses his hand in water in a dream, it means that he will play with money and confuse himself. Fresh potable water or a well in a dream also could be the immediate cause of a trial, fight or calamity. Giving someone a glass of water in a dream is glad tidings of a child. Drinking a glass of spring... (read more)
  • Cheating on your wife - General Meanings: Guiltiness –  Dreaming of cheating on your wife meaning in general is about feelings and emotions, that you might have in waking life because of adultery. Unhappiness – Cheating on your wife in dream also can mean that you are unhappy in marriage and that you don’t have sufficient satisfaction from relationship with your wife. Changes – To dream that you cheat on your wife can indicate changes that you wish in your life or in the marriage. * Please, see meaning of an adultery. See dreaming of adultery meaning for complete understanding your dream about cheating on... (read more)
  • Bed - ...thing, you now regret bitterly; – Imposed for: you’re in luck with the opposite sex. Arabian (Islamic) – The familiar under blanket means the wife. – Dreaming that bed had been stolen, it means the death of his wife, it is burned, they will perish by a serious illness. – Do you lie in it, he would get another sub-bed, he will take in accordance with another woman whose beauty. – Does he wear the same thing from one place to another, his wife will move from one hand to another. – Is the place where the bed was worn,... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - M. Ibn Sirin dreambook in Islam: Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by Muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin Ring Source: Strong The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward. The ring in dream stands for the reward, then size of that reward will be equal to the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on the ring. If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he sees himself wearing a golden ring in a dream, it means that she will give a birth to a son.... (read more)
  • Horse - ...blue – then such a dream signifies an easy fight, where the battle will be not difficult to achieve. Other colors such as gold or purple always promises a victory. Will bring home wife if riding the horse which is saddled and long-tailed – if the dreamer had such a dream, then it foretells about huge changes in the life, even possible marriage; If riding the race horse – will win someone’s heart – which shows that the dreamer will fall in love with someone and will receive the same feelings back. However, if the dreamer was riding the race... (read more)
  • Pregnancy - ...wife. Real pregnancy – But it is very possible that vision about pregnancy in a dream is an actual pregnancy or the wish for it. Rebirth and Development – Pregnancy in a dream also points to a spiritual rebirth that gives us happiness in everyday life. Pregnancy can also be a symbol for a new orientation or development of new thoughts, feelings or interests. New Qualities – When dreaming that another person is pregnant, it indicates that the dreamer is able to observe the part of himself that develops new skills or characteristics. Wish for a Leader – The pregnancy of a... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...– To get a ring: your actions will be worth it; – Also dreaming that you are getting ring: indicates the long-term relationship with some person; – To give away: your generosity is not recognized too much. M. Ibn Sirin’s Dreambook (short): Short version of Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin Ring meaning in Islam The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward, or tremendous power or a great ruler. The carvings on the ring are what the dreamer... (read more)
  • Adultery - ...Bigger authority for strong man: If a powerful person performs adultery in his dream and if he had to face the divine ordinance and chastisement for his sin in the dream, it means that his authority will become bigger. Money from husband of adulteress: If the dreamer committing adultery with the wife of a friend in a dream it means that he will take some money from this friend. Adulterer himself or adulteress herself if dreaming of reading the Quranic verse: If the dreamer reads the ruling of the divine ordinance concerning the punishment of adulterers in a dream, it... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - ...be a big party; Melancholy if does not like the kissing – to dream that you do not want to kiss the person you love, shows the anger towards that person or sadness you are suffering; Evil if kissing the married person – if you kissed someone that is married, then such dream shows the negativity and badness that lies in you. Make sure you get rid of the negative aspects that you have in your personality. Arabian (Islamic) Will gain the profit if kissing your wife – to dream that you kissed your wife, denotes to the richness you... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - ...man – is a sign of strong person: might be the dreamer himself or his wife; If diamond ring is for wedding – happy and unbreakable marriage; If it is engagement ring – indicates right choice for those who are in love; To find – Dreaming of finding a ring with diamond meanings by sex: For woman – happiness in marriage; possibility of successful opportunity in career; For man – indicates money, profits from business or better position in work; could mean a marriage to a good woman; newborn son. The big – Dream of big diamond in ring meaning... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - ...has left him inflected with a small loss…. (Dog) (See Dog)… (Police dog) Dreaming of a lap-dog, foretells you will be succored by friends in some approaching dilemma If it be thin and ill-looking, there will be distressing occurrences to detract from your prospects…. (Lap-dog) If a dog tears off one’s clothing in a dream, it means that a vile person is slandering and backbiting him…. (Dog) See Dog)… (Dog star) A hand bell in a dream also means a scandal…. (Hand bell) A hand bell in a dream represents a jobber, a broker, a wife and her children, or... (read more)
  • Accusation - ...you are able to prove the innocence for accusation then this shows that you will overcome your difficulties. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if be accuse yourself – You accuse yourself by something wrong that happened, but the dream announces only good things happiness and reputation; Sad events if wife was accused – Your wife was accused in the dream, then this dream will bring you bad news or unpleasant events; Turmoil if someone accused you – You were accused by someone with no evidence then this dream signifies about restlessness and contempt from others. * Please, see meaning of indictment.... (read more)
  • Animals - ...big impact with everyday life. When we have an emotional crisis it reflex in our dreams. For example, someone that just broke up, having the dream of the animal attacking him, then such dream might show the anger towards that person. Another example, the dreamer has a dream of seeing the animal feeding his babies, then such dream might indicate your parental instincts or the environment which includes children you are surrounded by. The third example explains man’s relationships to his divorced wife. He was dreaming of being a tiger and trying to eat his ex wife. The dream shows... (read more)
  • Death - ...to dream of the death of the mother signifies the wishes that will not be fulfilled; Will avoid the evil if the son dies – to dream of the death of the son, signifies the relief from bad things that is surrounded; The joy if the daughter dies – to dream of the death of the daughter denotes the change from unhappiness to happiness; The brother will die if he is already sick – such dream shows real possibility of death of your brother, if he is really sick in reality; Richness if the wife dies – to dream of... (read more)
  • Chagrin (annoyance) - ...(Hinduism) No enemies if have annoyance – You feel annoyance in the dream then you will reconcile yourself with your enemies; Warning if have chagrin with neighbors – In the dream you have chagrin with your neighbors then this is a sign that you have to avoid hypocritical persons and flatterers they want to downfall you and your reputation; Reward if have annoyance with superior – You have an anger with a superior then you will be rewarded because of your diligence; Peace if anger with wife – You have an anger with your wife in the dream then you may expect luck and peace at... (read more)
  • Spouse - General Meanings: Need of warmth Spouse (man or woman) in the dream may be a desire for an intense interpersonal relationship, not only in marriage also such a dream appears especially for lonely people. Happy family life Old dream books interpret the symbol of wife as secure and pleasant life, while the dream symbol of husband promises good material life. Both dream symbols gives us a sign to take care of family matters. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of love if see sad spouse – In the dream you see your sad spouse, then this marks that your relations needs... (read more)
  • Broom - ...everything in order if sweep yourself – The dream warns, that you should fix all you affairs in order, otherwise threatens annoyance; Slovenly wife if a woman loses her broom – In the dream woman can’t find her broom, she has lost it, means that she will become a nasty unpleasant and slovenly wife in housekeeping. Hindu (Hinduism) Worries if see – Broom in a dream shows that someone will bother you and the stupid person will bring you troubles. Be smart and do not listen to fools; Warning if see new broom – The dream  where you see a new broom... (read more)
  • Beard - ...dreamer to do things spontaneously, without thinking of the consequences. Be aware of that and make sure you consider the situation you are in; Agony if rip off the beard – if the dreamer took off the beard by himself or somebody else has done it, such dream shows the pain and frustration the one will suffer. Arabian (Islamic) Health if long, dark beard – to dream of the beard that looks full, long and dark indicates healthy life for the one who has dreamed of it; Great reputation if wife has beard – the husband who dreams of his... (read more)
  • Widow & Widower - ...in a dream symbolize female spiritual wisdom. Traditionally: European – In general widower or widow: points to unexpected joy and happiness and maybe announce lost of family in the distant future; – To see or to be: you will not get rid of a nuisance; – Also seeing of widow: bad people bring a lot of problems; – To be widower in dream: indicates an illness of a wife; – To talk to a widow: it is possible to wife by death; – If a woman dreams that she is a widow: disloyalty of the husband. – When a young... (read more)
  • Tongue - ...the sharp tongues in our environment, the gossips, which defame us and others. Artemidoros Meanings: A good sign and Poverty An evenly formed tongue adapted to the mouth, have a clearly and a plain speak is for everyone a good omen, while the not-speak or a tied tongue represents stagnation of business and mean poverty; because poverty robs from people the freedom of speech. Illness A swollen tongue announces to the wife of the dreamer, if he is married, disease. Damage and Defamation A tongue hanging out of the mouth means damage as a result of cheeky speeches, also frequently... (read more)
  • Husband - Association: Yang aspect of the one, partnership. Question: Who am I committed to? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Uncertainty if husband leaves you – the one who dreams of her husband leaving her is afraid of the relationships or situation the spouses are in at the moment; Disappointments if husband dead – the dream in which the husband is dead, indicates sorrow and pain one will suffer; Unfaithfulness if husband is ill – to dream of the husband that is ill, denotes to falseness and uncertainty the wife will suffer from her husband; Fear of losing the husband if he loves... (read more)
  • Silver ring - ...will get protection against getting into Hell. Silver ring from the Holy Prophet or from a religious scholar – the dreamer will get wisdom and knowledge; Silver twisted man ring (to see in dream a man wearing a twisted silver ring) – indicates good performance in general; Half silver and half gold ring (in the dream a wife wearing a ring, half gold and half silver) – bad luck, possibility of separation; Antique French dreambook – Dreaming of ring and particular silver engagement ring – dream promises a happy family life and lots of healthy and happy children; * Please, see meaning of ring.... (read more)
  • Cannibalism - ...as the process is a proof of wanting to regulate the other individual’s life in all aspects of his performance. Such relationships very often happens between mother and son, when the mother finds it hard to give her son away an/or share him with another woman in his life – lover or wife. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level, the symbol of human flesh and the fact of cannibalism is explained as the force to become someone or get rid of something. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The desire to take something in control if you are a cannibal – for... (read more)
  • Hair - ...her husband or they might get split/divorce; If the husband cuts the wife’s hair in a dream it is a sign that he will leave her for good. The main reason of the split might be another woman, who’s been in husband’s life for a while; If the woman who is ill dream of cutting her own hair – she will die. The hair that was been cut off symbolizes the end of vitality, therefore comes the death; If the woman which husband is ill dreams of cutting her own hair – her husband will not get better and will... (read more)
  • Menstruation - ...living the life at the present and moving to the future. Hindu (Hinduism) The man will do something bad if he has menses – for a man to have menstruation signifies evil things he will do in the future as biologically it is impossible to have menstruation. Arabian (Islamic) Menstruation in Islamic dream interpretation have several meanings. Mostly it is explained as the obstruction, but sometimes it has a good meaning such as riches and/or wealthy life. The work will be destroyed if the wife is menstruating – such a dream shows that everything that the dreamer will do will... (read more)
  • Lion - ...everything is clear, pure and innocent; New family members if see a lioness with little lions – such dream denotes to increase of the family. It is a very good omen, especially for those who want to have descendants. Hindu (Hinduism) Should reject a man if lion is roaring – for the woman to see the lion that is roaring in her dream, warns about inappropriate man that is willing to take her as a wife; Pay attention to your reputation if you are chased by a lion – the chasing is the mirror effect of something that you are... (read more)
  • Airplane - ...in airplane crash shows the fear for losing those people. If the wife, husband, daughter, son, a very close friend or any other of your relatives are involved in the airplane accident, then such dream signifies the feeling of helpless. There are things the dreamer is afraid of, such as losing the ones he loves and inability to help them, depending on the relationships you are in. Boarding airplane The boarding as the action in the dream shows the preparation for something very important the one is willing to do. Maybe there is a certain project that is going to... (read more)
  • Nose - ...(Hinduism) Good business if nose is extremely large – if the dreamer saw his nose that became extremely big, denotes to good business affairs, however it might bring the shame and disgrace to other people; Will marry a great woman if have large nose – for a dreamer to dream that he has a big nose means that he will get a very good wife; Luck in love if nose is small – the one who saw or had a small nose, means that he will become happy in love; Honor and wealth if nose is red – the one... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - Association: Monument, Memory, Recollection Question: How do I want to be remembered? What will I leave in this life? General Meanings: Welfare The dream symbol of Gravestone stands for prosperity and a happy marriage. New beginning and old friends Dreaming a new gravestone, means that you have good opportunities to begin new and interesting things. Old gravestone announces that you will renew your relations with your old and forgotten friends. Psychological Meanings: Eliminate typical properties In the dream you leave an inscription on the grave. The name of a person that you know. This means that you think... (read more)