Pregnancy dream meanings


– New Life and Fertility.


– Where I am going? Am I in the process of the creation? What I am going to create?

General Meanings:

Achievement – Pregnancy usually symbolizes hopes and plans, that are maturating in us and eventually become successfully achieved.

Finalization or Development – Becoming pregnant in a dream often indicates the long period of waiting, which was necessary in the dreamer’s life, and after which a specific project become completed. Pregnancy also denotes that the dreamer is developing a new range in his potential or in his personality.

Actual Pregnancy – The dream of a pregnancy is rarely an actual pregnancy of the dreamer, sometimes it is, but more often it can indicate such condition in his environment.

Psychological Meanings:

Fulfillment of Wishes – According to Artemidoros and following psychoanalytical methods in interpretation of dreams, explanation of pregnancy in a dream have one simple  meaning – pregnancy means the fulfillment of wishes.

Wish for a Child – For a woman to dream that she is pregnant indicates her wish for a child or it can denotes that she has the wish to find a man.

Wish for a Man – If a woman is dreaming about pregnant man, then such dream clearly shows her wish for a man, which can bring a lot of things in their homes.

Love or Wealth for a Man – If a man is dreaming about being pregnant, then such dream indicates his wish to give a birth in his life for something. It can be related to professional activities that brings money or it can show his wishes related to riches, maybe the dreamer has desire to get new property or anything materialistic and valuable. Other meaning of pregnant man foretells that there is the desire to have loving wife.

Real pregnancy – But it is very possible that vision about pregnancy in a dream is an actual pregnancy or the wish for it.

Rebirth and Development – Pregnancy in a dream also points to a spiritual rebirth that gives us happiness in everyday life. Pregnancy can also be a symbol for a new orientation or development of new thoughts, feelings or interests.

New Qualities – When dreaming that another person is pregnant, it indicates that the dreamer is able to observe the part of himself that develops new skills or characteristics.

Wish for a Leader – The pregnancy of a man in a dream is a wish, especially if a woman dreams this, that this man takes responsibility in their lives.

Spiritual Meanings:

Patience for Transformation – On the spiritual state the dreamer is always in a period of some kind of transformation. This quality or condition of being in significant spiritual development can be expressed through dreams about pregnancy. In such case dream foretells that patience is required for final stage of the metamorphosis. To give a birth after pregnancy in a dream shows that long awaited natural process has reached the end and the dreamer is gifted with very fruitful outcome.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fortune for a Woman if She is Pregnant – If a woman finds out herself pregnant in a dream: it shows her expectation for something new from the life; success is coming into her life;
  • Success for a Man if His Partner is Pregnant – If a man finds out that his woman is pregnant in a dream: it shows that his plans is transferred into next level and are going to succeed; Also shows that all creative plans and new ideas have matured and now are taking place in the realization;
  • Happiness if Being Pregnant – In a dream to be pregnant or to get positive result of pregnancy test (or becoming pregnant for both, for men and for women): indicates happiness and spiritual joy; foretells that a wish will come true; Or such dream is a call for action – to start acting and put plans and ideas into practice;
  • Riches if Others Pregnancy – In a dream to see that someone else is pregnant (unknown woman or man, or close relative, friend): represents wealth and promises material happiness;
  • Slander if Young Person is Dreaming– For young girl or virgin woman to dream about pregnancy: predicts defamation and anger;
  • Good Health if Pregnant Woman is Dreaming – For a pregnant woman to dream pregnancy – to see herself pregnant or to see someone else is pregnant or to dream about positive pregnancy test: it is a sign of easy childbirth and speedy recovery.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Plans if Being Pregnant – To be pregnant in a dream: the dreamer has bold plans;
  • Problems if Seeing Pregnant – To see someone else is pregnant in a dream: the dreamer will get into trouble;
  • Riches and Worries if Seeing Big Belly – If the emperor is dreaming that his wife became pregnant and her belly became bigger: he will accumulate gold in its vaults, but worries and sorrow are inevitable;
  • Success if Wife with Big Belly – If common man is dreaming that his wife became pregnant and her belly became bigger: he will achieve outstanding results in his affairs.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Broken Friendship if Being Pregnant – In a dream to be pregnant (same for both, woman and man): means that the dreamer will lose a good friend.


Dreams of pregnancy meanings accordng to Artemidorus Daldianus

Meanings of the dream about pregnant man, significance by social status

Fortune if Poor is Pregnant– If a poor man is dreaming of being pregnant, so he will earn a handsome fortune, he’ll make money in abundance and will be thick and round in this way.

Marriage if Bachelor is Pregnant – If a single man is dreaming of being pregnant, then he will marry a good woman that he will share with her everything of pleasure and pain.

Misfortune if Rich is Pregnant – If a rich man is dreaming of being pregnant, then for him such dream means trials and sorrows.

Disaster if Married Man is Pregnant – If a married man is dreaming that he is pregnant, then such dream shows possibility of losing his wife and a future without kids, no woman will be able to bring children into the world for him.

Disease for Others – Dreaming of being pregnant for other men shows chances of diseases.

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  1. I’m an Indian (Hindu). As far as i know, I’ve never heard of such thing. Correct me if i’m wrong but from what I know is that, if a woman is pregnant in her dream, it means that she’s has some negative energy followed her. And giving birth is absolutely not a good sign. Well this is from what I have heard. If i’m wrong, do let me know. Thank you.

  2. my x partner who is male was about four months preggers in my dream. I’m not sure if he realised he was with child. it was odd bcos one minute he wasn’t pregnant and then suddenly I could see his belly. ifelt jealous peed-off frustrated, and then he started to reel off abt four five women who were also pregnant. iwas getting ready for work at the time. He was just fucking lounging about on the sofa(my sofa) looking quite calm an collected. I told him, don’t tell me nothing idont wanna hear abt who’s pregnant, ijust said lucky for them and you that you’re able to afford that luxury. He gave me could descending look, like you’ll never change, your to soft, you feel things to strongly, you believe in honesty and fairness – you’re me er gunna get pregnant – unlucky for you. I’m too old to get pregnant now, not that it really matters – I think the pregnancy thing meant something else, but what it meant, I haven’t a clue. He’d also changed the wheels an the saddle on my mountain bike to a medium brown leather racing saddle, which for me is not as comfortable as a very padded generic saddle. He’d also changed the wheels and the tyres to racing bike tyres and rims. iwas livid. And asked him why he did that. And then I realised he was actually holding my other mountain bike hostage, he’d sneaked it out from under my nose.

  3. I had a dream that i was lying next to a guy that i was seeing in the past(we are no longer talking terms)thats we were just talking and he had no shirt on ,he was pregnant and i was rubbing his belly(like if it was normal for a man to be pregnant)

  4. I dreamt of a man getting pregnant. There’s nothing involved between us except that we were classmates when we were at highschool. Kinda weird seeing him pregnant lol

  5. Hi, I dreamt my ex husband is pregnant with my child (I’m a woman) and I kissed his tummy but stepped back and realized it can’t happen. I told him I will not go through this pain again. I my dream he’s pregnant but I will be the one giving birth (c-section). I also thought I have a good boyfriend now and how am I going to explain this craziness to my boyfriend because this would mean that I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex husband.
    (My husband and I had a very ugly, nasty divorce that lasted for 4 years and I met a wonderful guy and we’ve been dating for 7 months now. My ex husband and I had 3 kids in our marriage)
    Plas explain to me what this dream means

    • Shafika — I had a similar dream last night. I dreamed that the ex-boyfriend (who was abusive) called to tell me that he was pregnant with my child. I went to see him and realized that I hadn’t seen him in a year and it couldn’t be mine. He confessed that he had gotten pregnant by another woman in Florida, but wanted me to raise the child with him. Then his family showed up and started yelling at me. I have no clue — wish someone would reply with an interpretation!

  6. I had a dreamlast night that my bff (14) was pregnant with one of her ex boyfriends kids. Then in the dream she told that they had sex like 8 or 9 times…. I freaked out and slapped her…. I was at her house. I told her today while changing in the locker room and she freaked out. She said that he wanted to have sex with her when they were dating but they never did. She then said that I had a very bad nightmare.

  7. What does it mean when in your dream you’ve chosen getting pregnant through artificial insemination but hide it from your family. I’ve had this dream several times in the past year

  8. i have had 2 dreams in 1 night

    1- i dreamed i poured hot water and in a drinking glass the glass had one line of crack but it did not break however the water from that drinking glass drained all out.

    2- i dreamed that i was standing in front of a glass vase and it cracked before the glass pieces fell it wobbled and i tried to keep it from falling by trying to hold it but it still fell down i then tried to pick up the broken pieces but my hand started to bleed from the glass pieces but then a second later it stop bleeding.

    can some one interpret the dreams for me please