Someone being hit by a train dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about someone being hit by a train can designate rest, weakness and fellow-feeling.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud explanation such dreaming of someone being hit by a train omens nonpartisan vital spark, effete passion, talent and conductivity.
Favourable transformations are ahead only when: someone being hit by a train - This dream sign frequently symbols dominance and being a trailblazer. However, if it was bad dream then a dream might sign upside down nuance: some-one can be nefarious or menacing in regard to you.
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  • Train - out of the tunnel, there is a secret about yourself or you will find out somebodies secrets; Changes If Seeing freight train – You see a freight train in your dream, this is a sign of beneficial change; Persistence If Sleeping in a train – This dream shows that your strive to accumulate money, this is determined by stubborn principles which you should control better; Wrong way If Taking a wrong train – In the dream you took the wrong train, this points out that someone (or even you) has taken the wrong way or the wrong direction, you have to... (read more)
  • Rail transport - more interested in the human trappings, like the more emotional than technical references. Railway dreams talk about everything that can happen between the departure of your home and arriving at your destination after operation. If we dream on hundreds of trains, then you realize that every possible detail can appear in a dream and every detail has its special significance. Given the importance of railway dreams is not to overlook the fact that it unlike on a hike or a bike ride to a fort being led is on all entitled, usual tracks, see is more general than the individual... (read more)
  • Hitchhiker (Hitchhiking) - Association: Freedom, irresponsibility. Question: Which part of me wants to ride freely? General Meanings: Free personality Hitchhiking may be connected with the freedom of the person, however, there are lots of dangers. To dream of hitchhiking signifies that you are free from dependent on other people. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Form your life if  hitchhiking on the open road – In the dream you are hitchhiking on the open road, this signifies that you do not have correct plan of your life; Helpful if take a  hitchhiker – In the dream you take a lift of a hitchhiker, then this means... (read more)
  • Train station - station then this denotes that a new phase of life begins in favorable way. Being in a train station, this may be an indication of how surely you enter a new situation or a new project and you know what kind of expectations you may have. To farewell from the station is understood simply, this often displays a separation of another person or past life, after this you have to reorient your life. Go up and down in the station, shows that you are waiting for something that will trigger a change in your life, perhaps very important decision which... (read more)
  • Train compartment - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Implement of aims if be in train compartment – The train started to move and you are in a train compartment then this is a sign that you are moving toward you desires and plans; Joy if go and sit train compartment – The dream is a sign of upcoming joy and satisfaction. Hindu (Hinduism) Satisfaction if see train compartment – The dream announces you relaxation and wonderful period in your life. Arabian (Islamic) Fulfillment of desires if be in a train compartment – In the dream you are in a train compartment, so you may expect that you... (read more)
  • Wagon train - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) New people if see train wagon for persons – In the dream you see a passengers train then you points that you will have a useful and prospective acquaintance; Wealth if go with a train – You are dreaming that you are going somewhere with a train, then this dream promises prosperity and happy relationships; Get what desired if train wagon for goods  – The dream of train wagon for goods then this means that an item or a thing  that you wanted will receive you in near  future; Wasted time if empty wagon – The wagon is... (read more)
  • Train - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if see train – In a dream you see a train, such a dream is a good omen, you will have wonderful changes in your life; News if take the train – You are traveling by train, so this announces you good news and pleasant events; Some worries if see derailed train – When in the dream you see that the train is derailed, then this dream is a sign that you will have a misfortune but you have an ability to overcome it. You have to trust yourself. * Please, see meaning of... (read more)
  • Through train - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Need of travel if see driving through train – In your dream you see driving through train then this denotes that you are longing for the journey; Be attentive if see train accident – The dream of train accident denotes that you will get some suggestions so you should be completely omitted this because this may damage your reputation. * Please, see meaning of train.... (read more)
  • Train station restaurant - General Meanings: Train station restaurant indicates changes in life, especially in professional matters. You will reach your goals and will get better position. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Changes if see train station restaurant – In the dream you are in the train station restaurant, then this means new opportunities through business or work and this will change your life into better. Arabian (Islamic) Journey if be in a restaurant – In the dream before leaving you are in the train restaurant, then this announces that you will take a pleasure trip in near future.... (read more)
  • Hurry - reasonably, because otherwise the dreamer will reach an exhaustion phase. Spiritual Meanings: The dreamer is in a hurry, then he doesn’t see the best thing in his environment and want to make changes. The dreamer has an ability properly to deal with time. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Disputes if be hurry – You are in a hurry in your dream, then this marks your restlessness of mind and therefore you may easily involve yourself in litigation; News if rush to train – When you rush to train in your dream, then this dream announces that you will get lots of news; Wrong aims if... (read more)
  • Departure (leave) - The departure by car, plane or train announces that you will avoid a hazard and danger. To interpret the dream you must always consider the accompanying circumstances, for example, the aim of the departure. Psychological Meanings: The wish to avoid responsibility or difficulties and run away from daily routine You pack your bags in a dream, rushes to the train station, airport or gets in the car. Your suitcase can not be closed or you missed the train, the way to the airport is blocked by a traffic jam, the car couldn’t start. It is certainly not a warning before dangers of your travel!... (read more)
  • Lightning - you are hit by lightning, without damage, although one must reckon with unexpected difficulties, but you will survive well. – When the flash is nearby, standing before a change of place, for those in love, he had a good meaning (as it has just taken), with married couples it accelerates the division. Indian dream interpreters argue the lightning in a dream would point to a disease. For Freud the flash has phallic significance. Means to be struck by lightning a good thing after Artemidorus, his fire was like the gold that you win, but also can quickly lose it again.... (read more)
  • Target (bullseye) - of the mandala (see “Mandala”) so this represents yourself. Are you able to create your own goals. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Goal of life if see target – In the dream you see the target then the matter of your life is fully complied and you are moving toward this; Good life if hit in the center of a target – Such a dream when you hit in the middle of the target means that you are blissful person, you will implement everything what you desire; Warning if someone else is shooting to target – The dream is a warning that you have to... (read more)
  • Rain - over the graveness of your undertakings…. (Rain) To dream that you hear the rain as it hits the roof of your house suggests happiness and well being at home and a future economic improvement…. (Rain) Dream of watching the rain from a window indicates that ideas and spiritual insights will bring you knowledge…. (Rain) Hearing the rain hit the roof means that spiritual ideas and blessings are coming to you…. (Rain) Rain in a dream also represents life, an earthly being, or fulfillment of a promise…. (Rain) If the rain falls exclusively on a particular location in a dream, it... (read more)
  • Snake in my shoe - If you have dreamed about snake in your shoe then it has a lot of different meanings. So to dream a snake in my shoe means this: You contaminated load of leaf clippings. You mealy, defective offspring of a motherless barnacle. May a plague-ridden Rush Limbaugh shimmy in your pants. You moronic, bad excuse for earwax. You sloppy mountain of petrified camel gizards. Also, a dream about snake in my shoe means this: May an army of fleas viciously find shelter on your best rug. You creepy, bad excuse for bat guano. May an army of biting weasels fart upon your mother’s grave.... (read more)
  • Big snakes in the road - To dream big snakes in the road might can have a lot of significant meanings. Most of them are negative, but just because it is so, it does not mean that it must happen. So, big snakes in the road dream can mean: May a swarm of frothing rats find your kidneys suddenly delectable. You friendless offspring of a motherless simpleton. You friendless, hirsute, bad excuse for shit. You crusty, earwax for brains. Also, dreaming of big snakes in the road can symbolize: May the hosts of Hades viciously sneeze on your best rug. You bloated, funky, grimy, rancid,... (read more)
  • Buzzard - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Gossip if see a buzzard – To dream of buzzard indicates salacious gossip or that you will be involved into angry scandals; Shadows of the past if listen to buzzard -In the dream you heard the squeak of buzzard, then this dream marks that a long-forgotten scandal comes to light again, and it is associated with illegal activities or dirty matters; Damage if see sitting on a train – To dream of sitting buzzard on the train, then the meaning of this dream is that you will have accident or loss; Troubles if see flying buzzard – In the... (read more)
  • Horse - rider himself, shows attainment, but only if the dreamer will take control in his hands and will do things completely; Unexpected misfortune if fallen from the horse – to dream that you or somebody else has fallen down from the horse, shows the unluckiness the one will suffer; Award if see a horse tail – to dream of the tail of the horse, denotes to the rewards you will receive; Will get a message if dream of the horse that has been visited by someone – such a dream signifies news you will find out soon; Wishes will be realized... (read more)
  • Delay - bring themselves into boring and unhappy life. Impatience A train is delayed in the dream,then you are surrounded by anger, that you have to wait for something what you would gladly like to reach or to have at this moment. If you are late to a rendezvous, then the love cannot be so great and wonderful in the awake life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Come back to reality if something was delayed – In the dream something was delayed then it seems that you have missed the connection with life; Warning if you delay – You have delayed something in your... (read more)
  • Abdomen / Belly - To have a nice, smooth belly and the feeling of being full, this is a sign of physical and sexual satisfaction, but can also express the desire for it. Psychological Meanings: Restrain yourself The “kitchen” of life in which – the experiences of everyday life processes are digested. Sometimes, dreams of the full belly is as warning sign to restrain yourself. Wish for psychological satisfaction In the dream the belly is bloated, then this requires the psychological relief in the form of an outburst of anger or an open talk. Rising emotions Also the belly is as a symbol of fertility... (read more)
  • Picked up - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if by train – In the dream you were picked up by train, announces you  a wonderful journey with your closed friends or family members; Pleasure if from your house by friends – This dream shows that the pleasure is approaching; Promotion if by police or a public official – The dream signifies that you will get a job in the office or you will be promoted.... (read more)
  • Departure (Exit) - General Meanings: Symbol of unstoppable fate, whereby the dreamer has the choice of right or wrong direction. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Escape from danger if departure by car, plane or train – The dream wants to show that you will escape from an impending disaster; Avoiding responsibility if see yourself going away, departure – In the dream you are going away, means that you are trying to avoid the responsibility. * Please, see meaning of train, drive.... (read more)
  • Military tattoo - In general: Those who experience this military signal in a dream, has been completed in their daily lives, which could prompt them to celebrate. At least it is about to hit the passing of an examination, the conclusion of a good business or affordable before a purchase. The curfew also reminds us of a time coming to an end. Traditionally: European – To see: cheerfulness, sociability; – To listen: announces a disturbed tender together. Hindu – To see: you will come into boisterous society.... (read more)
  • Ball - meanings: Playing with the ball shows mostly favorable turn of your fate. To be hit by a ball, then soon you may have the caprices of fate, usually this is an unfavorable sign. The sagging or deflated ball sometimes points to contradictions of the personality that is not rounded, but may also show lack of vigor and energy. Psychological Meanings: Need to be free from everything The dreamer is playing a ball game then this is a sign that he desires for freedom. Ball games reminds a childhood which is associated with relaxation and leisure. On the other hand, the fight... (read more)
  • Sleeve - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Honor if see a sleeve – The dream of sleeve means great honor for you; Wealth if see two sleeves – In the dream you see two sleeves, this announces you richness; Poorness if see torn sleeve – This dream shows that you will experience poverty, but you will overcome this because of your hard work; Extra money if see short sleeves – When you see short sleeves in your dream, this marks that you will get extra money; Journey if have long sleeves – In the dream you are wearing a shit with long sleeves,... (read more)
  • Wound - Seeing – This announces that you will keep up in time to avoid losses; Success If Taking care or Curing – The dream means that you will be able to congratulate a successful future, you worth it, your hard work will be rewarded; Guilt for unfairness If injure other -To hit someone and inflict a wound, this is a sign that you’ll be guilty because of injustice; Losses and Mental pain If Sores (sore spots) – Promises that you will suffer from losses due to disease and get into emotional distress; Depending on others If Treat sores – Your wishes... (read more)
  • Contexts about dog - dogs Dogs and cats fighting Dog bites another person in a leg Large gentle dogs You lose your dog Your dog is ​​sick Flea and tick of dog and cat You want to bite a dog Dog barks at me Headless dog Black dogs watching you Delivery of dogs Several dead dogs To kill a dog and a crocodile Labrador Abandoned dogs To hit a dog Dog bites your right arm You talk with a dog Dog licks Old dog Dog eating a cat Yellow dog Dogs arriving Dog with hair loss caused by demodectic mange Dead puppy mutt Snake... (read more)
  • WC (lavatory) - General Meanings: In the dream lavatory (toilet) has little to do with the fecal elimination, but is interpreted as positive or unfavorable symbol depending on the circumstances. The following meanings are very common: Closed lavatory warns against too much optimism and carelessness. Excrement in the toilet, or even plunge into the bowl may be understood as an announcement of opportunity, joy and happiness, and it may also involve material gains (popularly speaking, too drastically from “shit money”). The fall into a bowl some modern dream researchers interpret as a reminder of the birth drama or as a symbolic escape back into... (read more)
  • Tree - enemies); Warning if fall from a tree – The dream is a warning about risk and danger, under certain circumstances even can be death or serious illness; News if sit under green trees – You sit under a green tree in your dream, you will get good news; Happy life if sit with a friend under green trees – This dream brings you unexpected good fortune and a happy marriage, wonderful life; Worries if dried up tree – The dream considers to bad deals, failure and grief; A signal to avoid worries if see cut, fall down, burn or hit by... (read more)
  • Bomb - which threaten on your own fears and destructive feelings if you cannot control them any longer. Other interpretations arising under the following circumstances in the dream: Worries – A single bomb that we see in the dream could be a message that hits like a bomb and/or announced unexpected problems and dangers. Avoid hostility – Throwing a bomb shows that you must reckon with the hostility with others. Rescuing from anger – A bomb attack on another person which you see, promises that you yourself happy will escape from a danger. Psychological Meanings: Inability of changes/ Lack of decisiveness – The... (read more)
  • Breast - you want to avoid such a living. Happiness If beautiful breasts – The breasts mean daughters without any doubt. Beautiful, lush breasts predict joy for the daughters. Illness If hurt – In the dream you see that the breasts are affected by disease or they hurt, so the disease threatens to the daughters; If the dreamer has not got any daughters, misfortune will hit nearest female relatives. Illness If have wounded – This is a warning that you have to pay attention to your health, because this dream announces you an illness; Friendship If see wounded – When you dream that the... (read more)