Wound dream meanings


– Weak point & place of torture.


– What or which injuries I can or must to heal now?

General Meanings:

Aggression and Inner Hurt Dreaming of any wounds or injuries stand for injured feelings. If the dreamer himself is the cause of the wound, or if he is injuring himself in the dream, then this is evidence of his aggression and his distrust in waking life.

Psychological Meanings:

Suffer Wounds or injuries are dreams which stands for the painful experiences of the dreamer.

  • Wish to forget sufferIf the wound is protected in a dream or already healed, it reflects the wish of the dreamer to forget suffering disappointments and overcome it.
  • Need for changes in life If the wound does not hurt in the dream, it’s just a metaphor for the fact, that our psychic is in disarray, that we must change our life style to overcome a mental mess.

In the interpretation of dreams the type of wound is very significant:

  • A large & ugly wound indicating greater violence rather a small wound.
  • Burn: burn wounds are often in a dream state by the passion.
  • Cut: cuts come in a dream often by your own or others aggression.
  • Graze: abrasions are common injuries in dreams, that are generated as a certain superficiality.

Spiritual Meanings:

Lesson which you need to learn A wound represents a unpleasant experience in the life of the dreamer. He has to understand and try to learn something from this experience.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Stimulus Wound in general: a little pushing to change or clarify;
  • Pain and Disadvantages  If Been wounded – This means pain and an unfavorable turnaround of business;
  • Unfairness If Seeing others wounded – This is a sign about an injustice inflicted by friends;
  • Harm If Wound on the head – To see or to have wound on the head, proclaim an injury;
  • Ominous If Seeing wound on the neck or shoulder – This means and feels or gives the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen, you have to be very attentive;
  • Disagreement If On the chest – Dreaming of wound on the chest means that you will be in discord, be patient and listen to other side;
  • Problems If Having – This means that you will have trouble in near future, but you will solve it without any damage;
  • No worries If Seeing – This announces that you will keep up in time to avoid losses;
  • Success If Taking care or Curing – The dream means that you will be able to congratulate a successful future, you worth it, your hard work will be rewarded;
  • Guilt for unfairness If injure other -To hit someone and inflict a wound, this is a sign that you’ll be guilty because of injustice;
  • Losses and Mental pain If Sores (sore spots) – Promises that you will suffer from losses due to disease and get into emotional distress;
  • Depending on others If Treat sores – Your wishes and hopes will be subordinate to the pleasures of others.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Conceit If  Healing the wound – This shows that you are too braggart to the people.
  • Luck If Having – This dream indicates about golden age, which you deserve because of your determination.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success and Earnings If Losing blood – To lose blood because of an injury this dream says that you will achieve success over your enemies, this is associated with money issues;
  • Love pain If Bleeding – To have a heavily bleeding wound in the dream, the dreamer will be hurt emotionally in the immediate future of a loved one;
  • If Seeing – You will overcome a crisis with the help of a friend;
  • Recovery If Healed wound – This points to recovery of your personal and family life, better earnings better life.

* Please, see meaning of blood, ulcer, tumor, sores, scar, oil, soldier, injury, weapons and arms.

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  1. i had a dream my boy almost 3years had lots of healed grazes all over his body the wrose i could see being the right shoulder and i left him in the car to go get some bags with the keys in car while running? seemed like my work place but not.. and a couple ended up driving off with him while i watched uable to do much and within mins returned by public and police had man and lady strained? and in hosptial (where i work) my boy was sad and heart was pounding so hard but all he said was he is okay needed to go toilet and wanted his dad??.. woke up n he was awake in his bed (strange for him) asked if he was okay n why he was awake n he said hes fine n woke up to my partner snoring and that had waking him and why did i come back to his bed after already saying goodnight…

  2. i had a dream where young blonde woman was stabbed in her head with big kitchen knife then she started screaming and crying then she took scalpel and she started to cutting her face

  3. I had a dream that i was working and then someone came into the room and cut me on the neck i was still a live and can see all the blood on me after a while i felt weak like if i was dying but then someone help me out and took me to the Hospital and take care of me and i got better I was also saying I was going to sue my work place can anyone tell me wat this means

  4. I had a dream last night, that I have a hole in my back and I could see my spine, but I was still able to walk properly…went to hospital and the nurse told me to come back in 2hours. And the person that took me to hospital was the person I sought of fell inlove with….but this guy had on broken shoes, I remember him apologising for his broken shoes cause he is only going with me to hospital. He then said, I am not what he expected me to be…….he sounded disappointed……this was all in my dream….What does this mean

  5. i had a dream after 6am in the morning that someone stabbed me with a sword in my elbow and a few cuts in my right arm but then I couldn’t feel the pain my whole elbow skin was of I could my blood frozen and felt like a slimy substance and the blood on my arm of the cuts was frozen too ..tell me what this dream means please I’m very worried

  6. My sister had a dream of me having a big burned wound on my chest so I want to know what that means please let me know what that dream means or is trying to tell me

  7. I keep having a re accruing dream that I have like a cut or something on my thigh but when I touch it something sprouts out and when I go to clean it off i end up pulling hair out if it chunks and chunks of hair. What dose this mean ? Should I focus more on the cut or the hair ?

  8. Last night I had a dream that I was walking towards my boyfriend and I couldn’t make it cause I looked down and I had screws and a car mirror in my leg it was infected and didn’t hurt but I was pulling them out

  9. Last night I had a dream where I was grabbed underneath the arms by a demon or something and it pulled me towards it face and I woke up screaming and I was laying on my stomach and jumped up and felt a lingering pain where it grabbed me in my dream so I took off my shit to look and I had bleeding lacerations and then my dog went right to where I was in my dream and started looking up and barking at the wall for no reason for about 5 minutes and then just stopped and went and laid back down so I’m terrified to even go back in that part of the house so does anyone know what happened because I break out crying just thinking about it.

    • I am the light

      The light is within me

      The light moves throughout me

      The light surrounds me

      The light protects me

      I AM the light

      Memorize this, say this daily. In your dreams you should be able to remember the prayer and scream it to the demon and they will disappear. I’ve had this happen before they’re probably attacking you because you have gifts most likely and they want you to stop what you are doing. Ask for protection before you go to sleep. Arch Angel Micheal at the head of your bed and Jesus at the bottom (for example). I use Shango, Anpu, Bastet, and Sekhmet at my 4 corners and ask them to create a protective merkabah/shield of light or violet flame around me. I also ask Arch Angel Micheal to stand at the head of my bed and again Anubis at the bottom of my bed so I protect all corners. All depends what you believe in (its all the same thing) but you can protect yourself and ask the angels to do so.

  10. I have had a dream for the past two nights involving my right palm being cut, there is never any blood or pain. I am curious to know what it means. I almost never dream of the same thing twice.

  11. I dreamed I severed my father’s leg and him later dying from infection I would like to know what this means because I love my dad and when I woke up I cried I have had this dream twice or more like the second was a continuation please help

  12. Ok this is starting to freak me out. Anyways. Yesterday (March 22, 2016) I had a dream I was outside with my 3 children my fiancé was grilling out and I went over with a plate to get the carne asada as he was takin them off the grill. Anyways. I coughed a little and a small hole appeared in my neck as if I had a trach or something. I panicked but there wasn’t any blood just a hole and u could see down my throat and the hole wasn’t round it was more of a slit up and down and when I breathed it opened some. I woke up cuz it was soooo weird. Well last night I had the same dream only it picked up where I left off the night before. Someone took me to the er and got it closed up instead of stitches they used skin glue as to represent temporary fix maybe? Idk but when we got back kids were still playing and I was kicking a ball to them and then I began to cough more and this time it slit all the way up and down no blood still but it looked nasty u could see my whole neck exposed but it was still a clean cut…..it’s really weird. I saw where cuts on neck and shoulder means something bad is going to happen….painless wound meant needed change in life and that I have inner hurt. Me and my fiancé has cheated on each other before. He’s the father to my youngest (a son) but not to my oldest two girls. (Their dads both died in car wrecks so my exhusband stands in as a father and gets them every other weekend) but anyways I have my fiancé the choice of leaving or working things out because I wanted to work it out and I haven’t cheated since. I guess I’m hurt because he’s talked to two girls since on Xbox and one he tried to tell me she must have accidentally messaged him bc he never messaged her but then later he told me ya he massaged her. I was hurt and sad. I have been faithful 100% but every day he’ll still ask me “you been good? Not talking to anyone?” Like seriously I’ll hand him my phone as proof and all he says is “you’ve probably done erased all the txts now” seriously? No I didn’t. Anyways. Idk if the dream is tellin me to make a change by leaving him or make a change as in tell him how I feel (like a child trapped in my own home) to try to fix things and move on to where I don’t feel like he’s more of my dad than my fiancé. Can anyone help? My email is [email protected] if more info is needed. Thanks.

  13. I had a dream where everything was almost black and white with less and dull colour. I looked different. Instead of the messy dark hair I had dark blue. Darn bangs under my eyes, there were many then usual. I had blue eyes and pale skin. I wore a plain t shirt with sweat pants and I had a hoodie. I made a large gash of sorts, mostly like pulled skin.
    It started from my right bottom eyelid to down the chin. I used cream and gently tapped it back in place before smearing cream on the edges, the type of cream to avoid infection on small scraps and cuts.

  14. In my dream, I was with my deseased mother and I had went to the bathroom and pulled my hair up off my forehead and my hair started to pull my scalp right off … it showed mushy red muscle … I panicked and my mom just looked at me … I kept pulling my hair around my hair line and every stop pulled up … I need to know what this means … I am seriously freaked out by this

  15. I had a dream.. And I cant really remember but in the dream some how me and a few other peoples knee’s got slice over. The doctor told us we needed to keep our legs straight so the bleeding would stop, but no blood was even coming out. I could see the deep cuts on all of us. When I woke up I forced my self to keep my knee’s straight because I could feel the pain. I started to freak out when I woke up again and my knees werent bent, and now my back hurts from sleeping in such a straight position when I usually sleep in a curled up position.

    Also I think I may have predicted my mother coming in and yelling at me. In my dream I was laying in my bed and my mother came in and started to yell. Not even a few minutes later she came in, turned the light on and started to yell at me.

  16. I just had a dream of a wound that I never had openning up on the back of my left arm, and as I see it openning I see that the stitches were coming off. I mean there is no pain, no blood, nothing coming out. But as I look at it I keep thinking of a way to sew it back together. I tried multiple times until I had finally sew it back together.. Can someone help me understand what this meant because I never had that wound and it was just weird.

  17. Had a dream during a nap that a stranger knocked at my door asking for some sort of help cant remember exactly what…the nxt I know he is in my living room, tall skinny shaved head wth hat..waacting wierd…i asked him to leave he grabbed me like a tight bear hug & then I felierd sensation & a shortness of breath he Ran out nxt thing I know my friend is aty place I asked her if I hv something ony back she said yes 2 stab wounds one on p5op

  18. Awhile ago, I had a dream about me being in a different dimension of some sort. I was trapped in this town that had different, more advanced machinery.
    My legs were sewn together and so were my friends’ legs.
    We escaped and ended up in a Field full of carrots with a stream Next to it. We ripped our stitches out of our legs and got in the boat and left.
    An old man got in the boat with us al well.
    What does it mean???

  19. i had a dream that i was in like a class setting, and a man came in an was cutting everyones palm. and he came to me and was going to cut mine, but i gave him the otherside of my hand. but he insisted to give him my palm , he cut my palm but my cut was bigger and more painful than others. im not sure weather it healed at that same time, i was cut but i could see blood

  20. i had a dream that i have very large wound at my back ( on the lower right of my shoulder) it was not bleeding but still it hurts.. i was asking my parents to look at it but they don’t pay attention to me.. when i looked at the mirror to see, i can see my muscle fibers in that wound, it was weird not bleeding at all.. can someone tell me what does it mean?

  21. I had a dream last night that I was sleeping, then when I woke up, I feel some strange feeling on my 2 legs and when I saw it, I saw that my 2 legs have super large wound (and the wound almost covered my entire legs) and it has stitches. And my arms also has several burns. Then I searched for the one who did that to me and I found out that my friend did it. I was thinking that why does she have to do that or what. What does my dream means? Thank you~~

  22. I had a dream of both my babydad one with my first babydad with a girl an I was mad because I seen it and then It changed n I’m lookin in the mirror an I see my beautiful self then I look toward someone and I felt my neck being cut but couldn’t feel any pain then I look back at the mirror an I see it cut open straight acres down wards from my neck real, thin could see my insides an wonder why it didn’t hurt didn’t feel real, then I look toward my right side an I’m in a car with my new babydad and he’s talking abou a girl , an I was upset an wondering to myself why am I with these guys why did I get with them , then I ask him is my neck cut? He says no then I wake up ???? I don’t understand

  23. I dreamt last night that I had an open wound at my wrist. The wound was not bleeding but I could see the flesh and my bone in pinkish color because i strecthed it and I heard my self saying it will close eventually… What did it mean?

  24. Had a bad dream that my recent surgery that I had on my right foot where I had an implant put in.
    The implant ( screw) was coming out of the scar site as it was open. I didn’t feel pain or it happening, I just looked down and seen it coming out. There was no blood. I was trying to push it back in. That’s when I woke up.
    What does this mean?

  25. Hi , my mum has had the same dream for about 2 years now , she is being chased but a group off Asian people , they are yelling at her , they get to her they take her to a dark place in a house lay her on a table , then start slicing her with a large knife all over her body , then it changes to her being in a river she is laying in the water and her children and mum, sisters are walking over her she is yelling out to them but no one knows she is on the water . Please let me know what this means thank you

  26. I had a dream that I just started bleeding blood that looked like ketchup then I gave birth to a baby that was curled up in a little ball I was on my own…??? It didn’t hurt and I just kinda sat there for a bit very surprised (in my dream) anyone know what that could be about? The meaning has really been bugging me for the last couple of days. Hmmmm

  27. I had a dream last night that I has multiple scars on my legs , looked like it came from a blade and I remember sitting next to someone that I did not recognize and I said “You did this too me”. I’v never cut my self in my life so that was odd too me.

  28. pls help me interpret my dream..dreamt of sore bubbles popping on my 14year old sisters head,which had like water comin out and like sumthing else in these bubbles,like growing..pls help interprete my dream,its stressing me out.. Thank u kindly..

  29. I had a dream last night, I was at an old job that I use to work for about ten years ago. And I split my hand open and at first didn’t notice it then I looked down at my right hand and there was no blood. But it was completely split open all the way down…

  30. Last night I had a dream about my mother finding me with Spider bites that were killing me on my legs. Blue floated from them and poisoned me making me weak. And when she got to the the hospital I blacked out. when I came to it I had stitches running along my leg from my knee to my ankle on the right side……I awoke startled and scared. I really would like to get a response and find out what this could possibly mean. It was so vivid.

  31. I had a dream that a famous ballerina girl has a big wound on him right leg and the wound wasn’t stiched really well and blood was showing and as if she was taking pictures of the wound for a magazine and when she moves the wound hurts , I know it’s a really weird dream but I want to know what does it mean , someone tell me please .

  32. I had a dream I had a huge red boil/zit on the left side of my nostril. I went to pop it and it vanished but my nose split in half! From the bridge to the bottom. No pain, but shock. I quickly pushed it together and held it, cuz I knew it would open up if I let go and thought that I need 3 stitches to fix it.

    I cannot get it out of my mind. Help.

  33. My dream was quite strange to be. The wound I had was on my neck and small one on my right toe. It didn’t hurt. But every time a bell rang I always ended up in a different location with different people that I remember being there in the waking life. They would see my wound on my neck and they would open it with a knife(each one with a different knife) clean the wound and stitch it back up. They were always smiling at me while doing it and I would smile back. Some where a bit aggressive doing the cleaning and stitching and others would be gentle. The last person however, I did not recognize him. He was unknon to me. He smiled at me once he was done cleaning and stitching the wound and I woke up.

  34. I Dreamt a man sat on a lounge chair next
    To me and appeared a shady character
    He pushed his hand gun into my hip
    I said to the man, I know your not going to shoot me
    It was more a power play I think.
    When I woke up I felt a tight sensation in my hip that
    Went away very quickly

  35. I had a dream that I was with my family and ex boyfriend.while I was there I started to develop some sort of sores that almost look like blisters all over my legs,arms,and hands,in my dream they would swell up and pop so that half of my skin tore away and that I could see inside my skin.they just started popping one after another.it felt so real but when I woke up,it still felt real.what does that dream mean?

  36. I had a dream that this man grabbed me from the back and stabbed me, I could hear my bones crack. I woke up in pain and I still feel the knife going through my back. Why is that ?

  37. I had a dream that I had a bunch of huge hooks and they were all hanging all over my body, nothing was attached to them, they were just all over. I then realized i was the ine putting them into my skin. Everything was extremely realistic. I could feel myself pinching my skin, then shoving these hooks through. I raised my shirt up and I had them all over except for my pubic area, I then shoved at least 5 through and then took them out. I looked down at the holes I had just made and there were like chunks of flesh inside floating in the blood. I went to the bathroom to get a better look and when I looked down they were all healed. Then I saw one on my arm and it was ripping, I could feel my skin tearing apart but I couldn’t stop the hook from pulling out. I then looked at my arm and there was a huge open wound, I could see my muscle and tendons and there was so much blood. I became frantic and tried pulling the skin back together but the blood just kept coming and my fingers kept slipping. And then I woke up. I tried looking online for any clue as to why I had such a weird dream and all I could find was that I’m losing myself.

  38. I dreamed of my brother showing me his cutting wound on the stomach it like when i come close to that wound i see thread they use to stich him and i see inside him its like there is fire on it.

  39. A while ago I had a dream that I walked into my classroom, I was wearing shorts, everyone was looking at me, at my legs, so I looked down and I noticed both my legs were cut up all over and they were bleeding what does that mean?

  40. I had waken up with my heart pounding and still had felt some semblance of my wounds sustained in my dream. however in my dream i can remember large gashes from a very sharp blade all over my torso and chest and can remember seeing the blood flowing from them and thinking i was gonna .ie but never did in th7e dream. i don’t remember who did it or why but i didn’t do it and i felt as if i had the will to complete something but don’t know what. however i was wondering if anyone could help me interpret this dream?

  41. Okay, last night I had the strangest dream ever. There was a doctor and he was taking people from the town and drugging them, then he would start by cutting their nose off and replacing it with a big blue plug. Then he would cut off your hands and feet. Then you would get Togo home and come bck the next day. Usually the first session didn’t hurt. During the second session I all of a sudden had. Bellyutton piercing? I have never really had one though. And the doctor ripped it out instead ofjust taking it out easily. This did hurt extremely bad. Then, once it was out he started stabbing me in the stomach but my skin was too thick to cut so we had to air for session three. The next day I walked in on my friends last session right before he died.I had liked him for a while now and before his session started, I hugged him and we cried together. Then we kissed(: but the doctor mad me dot there and watchhim die. Then I called my dad to say I love him and I will miss him. He said he was on his way to get me because he couldn’t risk losing me and my sister because the doctor had already finishes my surer.so once I got home,thedoctor was there! He was sayzing that unless I went back, he was gonna bomb our house when we least expected it. When he went on the computerto seewho was dead. He found himself and then you just heard him screaming as he slowly faded away. This part kinda reminded me of the twilight zone because it had a twist ending and I think I may havx watched a little too much of American horror story lol. Just please tell me what this mans? Btw I’m 14!!

  42. Last night november 20 I had a disturbing dream. People I knew were cutting open there stomach and cutting and I saw it open, it was very disturbing in my dream. When I woke up I forgot who those people were, all I remember is that I knew them and they were cutting open there stomatch…does anyone know what this dream means?

  43. I had a dream where there was an open wound on the top of my hand, and I was staring at it. I could see and feel something bubbling up to the opening, and these giant chunks of strange looking flesh started falling out. They were hard, big chunks of flesh, just slowly popping out of my hand. I could feel it in the dream. Then, something else grew on my hand. I don’t know what to call it, but they were purple and green, growing around the wound, and I started chewing them off. The world was ending simultaneously and I fell down and started to pray. It was very bizarre and disturbing.

    • As soon as you said the world was ending and you fell down to pray, I immediately thought about you having a spiritual experience in real life. I dunno are you atheist? But I have no idea about the rest, on one website for dream interpretation it said sometimes when you have dreams that do not relate to reality in anyway, it could just be different things you have watched that make weird stories in your dream.
      Hope that helped a bit (I’m no expert!) ;P

  44. yesterday i had a dream that in aggression i went in to the kitchen and took a knife cut my hand to attempt suicide.. i had a little blood loss and when parents came in bleeding stopped… i have this dream more often… please tell me what does this mean…

  45. i keep having dream my step father stalking and harassing me my mom and sisters
    the other day i had a dream he was chasing me and my mom trying to beat us we was screaming but nobdy came to help us. i want to know why do i keep having these dreams i kno he locked up and cant get to us so why am i dreaming of him.?

  46. Had a question about a dream i had last night that really crepes me out. Fir starters i dreamt my current husband was still my fiancé n his whole family wad here for or wedding but he backs out if getting married because he tools me he was gay but later in the dream ifind out that that’s want the case n we were in some office that was kinda circular. During that dream my current husband n i are walking and i see my ex husband in his military uniform shit down n wounded inthe head. I run to him and hold him in my arms n he’s bleeding from his head wound but is still breathing. After that i think i take my ex to the hospital n i can’t remember what happens with my current husband but i think an argument about my ex. What duress thus mean????

  47. I was dreaming that I was in a very strange neighborhood like the candelaria in colombia but dark and mysterious. 2 strange men held me down as if they wanted to rob me but instead took a medical type scalpel and cut all the way across my chest leaving my heart exposed and I had this feeling that it could fall out so I held it together with my hand carefuly. I didnt have any money in the dream so i was waiting for a doctor to meet me in a bar to give me free stitches and clean it, I was very scared thinking I might die if I am not careful and if it gets infected. The doctor showed up but was too busy talking with people and my chest started to hurt really bad, it all seemed very real. While I was there freaking out the doctor left and forgot to stitch me up and my heart was hurting more and more so I went to go look for him, there were other people worried about me and I was scared for my life as i searched for him, I never found him though I woke up at a point where it hurt so bad I actualy thought this was happening.
    … Reflections?

  48. Im racheal 25yrs 48wiks 5days 11mins and 32 sec. Here is my dream i was working at a place near a seasonal lake . After work i put on a bikin and a lob of a rastafarian colours then i dive in the lake wen i do i see water running to wards me wen im in da lake . But i cant run coz im stuck on a wire that is holding my arm i struggle to move while crying water is coming so fast. on struggling the wire puts a v v wound on me what does dis dream mean? Uganda

  49. I always seem to have the same nightmares over & over again. Its always either about the end of the world.. or someone killing me.. but, the occasional ghost dreams do occur. I usually can never stay asleep for long though, I tend to have a burning sensation in my chest. causing me so much pain, even after I wake up. no, it isn’t heart burn. I’m 15, & this just doesn’t seem normal. the burning sensation is usually strong enough to make me cry.

  50. I had a dream that I had a long cut, that was made by a scalpel, that ran from my forehead to my thigh. I also remember seeing a baby (I guess it was kind of a C-Section), but the baby was blue and not moving. It died. When I laid down on my side, the cuts would close, but only a little blood (that didn’t really look like blood) came out. When I laid on my back, they would open again. I was in a dark room, on a really small, hard bed. There was one kid (about 2 or 3 that was probably suppose to be my kid) and a lady that I think was suppose to be my mom. What does all this mean?

    Before sleeping my hamster died, my ex, that I was hoping we could get back together, said he didn’t have feelings for me like that anymore, and I read that Hancock used chocolate for blood in his movie.

  51. Im a female of 36, unmarried and have no children. I always dream of my niece wounded, last night it was worse i dreamt she was in hospital and i tried to hold her but dropped her

  52. I dreamed on 2 different occassions of my son ( who is grown now )

    in the first dream he was a couple years old in his jammies. he fell down the stairs and smacked his head on the floor at the bottom of the stairs with a large thudding sound and was lifeless. He wouldn’t wake up, I was cradleing his lifeless body and he wouldn’t wake up. I woke up crying.

    the 2nd dream he was about 17 or so in the dream, he jumped down the steps, missing the last two steps and smashed his head on the concrete and once again was lifeless. I could hear the ambulance coming but it couldn’t find us. I woke up screaming for help while holding onto him..

    Please tell me what this might mean. It is very upsetting to me.

    Thanks for your help

  53. I don’t remember much of the dream
    But I remember I for some reason lifted my
    Pants leg revealing a very deep cut on my
    Upper right leg. Almost like someone
    Scooped a thin but deep chunk of my leg.
    Not bleeding but u could see the muscle
    And it was terrible. It was like my leg
    Was gonna fall off because the wound would
    Not close. Every time I moved it opened.
    the. I scream I need to go to the hospital now
    And I woke up.
    Idk what it means

  54. My dream was in my old room and I remember standing up and I looked at myself and had a huge wound on the left of my heart and so I poked it and I remember thinking what if it was breast cancer. I started bleeding everywhere and so I checked the inside of my mouth to see if it was bleeding and that was the first way I thought it was. Than I starting crying and blood started pouring out I remember telling my mom and she told me to wait for my dad to come and my sister… I barely could speak. So I had to beg her so we went to the hospital and the woman in the front told me to go to the girls side so I went and I sat down and this kid was staring at me..his dad saying “ALOMEJOR SE VA MURIR” Which means maybe she’s going to die. Than my sister woke me up.

  55. I dont remember at all the beginning of my dream. But I do remember my wound had came from taking piercings out of my back (it appeared, in my dream I had a corset piercing down my back). Except once I took them out it was completely open down the middle of my back, no bleeding, and the ends where I had removed the piercings from seem to be like shriveled up and dried out. I think therewas some discomfoet. I also remember wearing a shirt over it but it was somewhat.cut and open in the back. I was walking around from person to person, people I know in real life, trying to get some answers or someones help. It seemed my pleas were being somewhat ignored. TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS!? it scared me strangely and I still lfeel it ytoday.

  56. Last night I had a dream that I can’t remember most of butit steel scares me. I belv I was at a school with people who apair to bemy friends. We are all talking a we walk don to a basmint I belve about a girl tht has brain probloms (kindo cookoo). This girl iv seen in all the nigtmaire I can remember. After we see her we all flash to a pool I bleav n we are all in it even the strange girl. We are trying to talk to her and sh acts like she I lessoning but afte. Moment he goes under the water and stabes my friends we all get care n begin swimin to the sides. I go under the water and try to gane spead then I se th girl as clear as day she ha my friend in one arm so I try to swim away but I’m too late so she grbs my foot. I lok at the fo and see no blood n think I can get away but a I gt away he flashe inf front of m ih her evol smile black her n screching screams. He comes up and stabe me I pull it out whil ll my frind look from the sides in frite. Then… I awake

    I hv no clue wht thi men nd I’m getting tired of seeing that girl in my dreams.evey once in a while I see her from the corner of my eyes today. I’m alittle scred

  57. woke up in my bed with my head split open, you could see the brain, after the hospital fixed me i went back home to a italian mafia, father was at the head of the table, all of the sudden the drain pipe to the 55 gal drum got cloged and the ceiling started to turn red, driping with blood ………

  58. Last night i dreamt of my right arm had been cut open from the wrist up to my elbow (no idea how) but every time i made a first with my right hand the cut opened up wide to show my bone structure, there was no flood but it was red inside with what looked like sinew over the bone, no pain or discomfort.?

  59. I Had A Dream Last Night About:

    Being A School Age Girl.

    Getting A Really Bad Head Wound/Injury.

    Going To The Hospital.

    My Mother Was With Me.

    Filling Out The Hospital’s Paperwork.

    Suddenly Being An Adult And Not A School Age Girl Anymore.

    Being Outside Of The Hospital And Not Able To Get Back Inside.

    So Basicly: I Started Out As A School Age Girl, Who Got A Really Bad Head Injury, And Then I Had To Be Taken To The Hospital By My Mother, Who Was With Me Throughout The Dream, And Having To Fill Out The Hospital’s Paperwork, And Then I Was Suddenly A Grown Up Adult, And No Longer A School Age Girl, And Then I Was Outside Of The Hospital, And I Couldn’t Get Back Inside Of The Hospital To Get Treated! (Sorry, No Treatment For Me Today!) 🙁

  60. Last night I dreamt I had an open festering wound in either side of the bottom of my stomach and it was from some operation. They couldn’t find an open hospital bed for me and I was in a foreign country. My elderley mother was driving a bus through the streets franctically, looking for a hospital.
    It was such a weird wayout dream

  61. I had a dream of wakin up on the sofa blood all over i looked down at my feet a small hole on each foot if i would over lap my feet the holes would be exactly like on jesus . If i would wipe the blood off more would appear sometimes bright or some times dark.anyone can explain please reply.

  62. I had a dream that I had a puncture wound that was a pretty good size hole on the inside of my right arm where u would give blood. I remember in my dream it hurt very bad almost to the point where I could not bend my arm to show others in my dream what had happened to me I have no idea what this means. I have tried to Google and look at the dream dictionary but have not saw anything about a puncture wound like this I do not give blood and have not even had a thought in my mind about this. If anyone could give advice on why I had this dream it would be great thank you!

  63. So, last night dreamed I was in a sword fight and all the bad guys vanished and I was alone
    and took my sword and cut the inner part of my left foot all the way up to my calf to the point
    were I could see the bone, but there was no pain nor blood. I just sat there and looked at it. In the
    dream I felt myself put something on it, but didn’t see what I put on it, I got up and just started to fight again…

    Any thoughts on this dream???

  64. In my dream two weeks ago I was standing above a covered swimming pool with no one in it. My ex-lover appeared out of nowhere. She either jumped in it, or i thought she did, and I followed. I felt I went all the way down, touching the bottom with my knees. I swam under water comfortably. At the other side of the pool, still under water i realised something was amiss and i decided to get out. The area right above my calf and slightly below my knee had a deep cut, bleeding profusely. I remember feeling alarmed at the detailed view of my muscles, veins and bones as well as shocked at the severity as it didn’t quite feel that painful. I tried to stop the blood from escaping by covering the wound with my hands, but it was spilling out uncontrollably. I draged the leg to the emergency where the only person on duty was some drug addict, who ignored my pleas for help and offered a syringe filled with something i refused to take. Suddenly my sister shows up and shocked screams at me and i wake up.

  65. In my dream two weeks ago I was standing above a covered swimming pool with no one in it. My ex-lover appeared out of nowhere. She either jumped in it, or i thought she did, and I followed. I felt I went all the way down, touching the bottom with my knees. I swam under water comfortably. At the other side of the pool, still under water i realised something was amiss and i decided to get out. The area right above my calf and slightly below my knee had a deep cut, bleeding profusely. I remember feeling alarmed at the detailed view of my muscles, veins and bones as well as shocked at the severity as it didn’t quite feel that painful. I tried to stop the blood from escaping by covering the wound with my hands, but it was spilling out uncontrollably. I draged the leg to the emergency where the only person on duty was some drug addict, who ignored my pleas of help and offered a syringe filled with something i refused to take. Suddenly my sister shows up and shocked screams at me and i wake up.

  66. In my dreams i had two wound, one on my left leg,other on my belly. Wounds were big and opened and the strangest part was that when i looked in my wound in side it i saw healthy leg, it was like i had a some kind of layer on my leg, it got cracked and i could see my real leg inside.

  67. In thr middle of the day I was dreaming I had just got up from bed I looked at my arm notice I had a cut on my right upper arm lk where ur muscles r I faced my arm upwads the wound opened huge and it was old and so dry that I touched the inside and it was just falling out I was freaking out was thinking how was I going to explain this to y doctor I feltno pain I was just really nervous and scared thi was happening

  68. I had a dream last night where i had soemthing like an ingrown hair on the top of my left leg, i went to pop it out, but instead my leg began to produce a sort of watered down blood. Then all of a sudden, the whole section of skin around my knee and up half my thigh sort of… flapped of, I could see all my bones and muscles. I quickly pressed the flesh over the wound and held it there asking for help and a tissue. I didn’t feel anything the entire time. But the wound looked as if it had been cut with a scaple in one huge chunk over my knee o__O a little odd… to say the least :p

  69. I had dream seening a big sore on my left leg between my ancke and feet really red and open wound,but I didn’t care about it until my mother asked me to go the hospital to have it treated and I promised to do it. what does this dream means?

  70. I had a dream last night, very much curious about it, a dream of having a large wound on my right leg, no blood, it doesn’t hurt but the thought that this wound will turn into a scar on my legs, weird but the interpretation somehow matches my life experience. My father died a year ago, and as a family we suffered too much of heart aches and pain with my dad’s cancer. But i learned a lot on how to be strong, when i think about the past sometimes i cry, but im proud of myself that I am because of what the past thought me to be. Stronger than ever.

  71. Lazt nite I had a dream of havin a large wound on my upper right leg! I knew I had it n u could even see my stichez where @ one point it was healed! But last nite my wound was open but no blood or any type of pain n it would close up n each step I would take it opened..wat does it mean?

  72. A few months ago, I had a dream. It was as if I had blanked out, but everything was in white. I could not see my wounds, and I had no idea where I was. A hospital, I presumed. All I could do was listen to someone in a conversation with the words “Yeah, all we know is that her head fell straight down and she was out.”

    A month or two after this, I had a similar dream. This time, I dreamt that I was slicing my older sister’s arm with a knife. I don’t remember having an expression on my face, and I wasn’t stabbing her either. I remember her telling me to do it “Nice and slow.” Then, she snatched the knife from me and proceeded to stab me with it. I remember trying to get away, but my fate remains unknown because it was then I woke up.

  73. I had a dream a big wound in the left leg but not bleeding as if it is healed already but have an indication that my left leg was woungded a long wound an at a moment the wound was close as if it was not wounded and I would like the meaning of this dream . that dream happened only last night