Delay dream meanings

General Meanings:

Delay as a dream symbol mostly shows the inclination, before serious decisions, somebody has to press and to push matters instead of you. That is why you will miss many chances and opportunities which the life offers to you.

Psychological Meanings:

Difficult to make changes The dream of delay can express that the dreamer is not ready enough to decide to leave, because he adapted in this situation and it is really difficult to separate from usual and known situation.

Missed chance Who hesitates too long may figuratively delay their own life journey, miss the close relation and bring themselves into boring and unhappy life.

Impatience A train is delayed in the dream,then you are surrounded by anger, that you have to wait for something what you would gladly like to reach or to have at this moment. If you are late to a rendezvous, then the love cannot be so great and wonderful in the awake life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Come back to reality if something was delayed – In the dream something was delayed then it seems that you have missed the connection with life;
  • Warning if you delay – You have delayed something in your dream, then this goes as a  warning that opponents want to hinder your career.

* Please, see meaning of train station, tardiness.

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