Departure (leave) dream meanings

General Meanings:

The need of changes and the fear to take responsibilities You are getting to go from a known situation – perhaps leaving your home – so this points out that you break away from old and familiar patterns of behavior. Perhaps you feel the need to grant yourself with freedom and independence. Departure generally stands for the constant change of life, towards which direction to move we decide ourselves. A hasty departure may indicate that you want to shrink a duty or responsibility. It describes a certain fear that you need to take over responsibility for anything in particular. The departure by car, plane or train announces that you will avoid a hazard and danger. To interpret the dream you must always consider the accompanying circumstances, for example, the aim of the departure.

Psychological Meanings:

The wish to avoid responsibility or difficulties and run away from daily routine You pack your bags in a dream, rushes to the train station, airport or gets in the car. Your suitcase can not be closed or you missed the train, the way to the airport is blocked by a traffic jam, the car couldn’t start. It is certainly not a warning before dangers of your travel! You prefer simply “to go away” – from the dreary daily routine, an extreme stress situation, the marital quarrel or flee from the responsibility. But we also know that you have no chance to do like this! Behind the vision stands the wish to avoid responsibility or difficulties. Here caution is announced in any case!

Spiritual Meanings:

The deliberate rejection of the past can be represented in dreams by a departure.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Improvement of present situation if ready to leave – You are dreaming that you are ready to departure from somewhere, this indicates changes with an improvement in conditions or situation;
  • Important decision if prepare – In the dream you are preparing to leave, announces that soon you will be faced with an important decision which will change your life;
  • Positive changes if expect a joyful journey – This dream signifies that the current situation soon will change into something positive;
  • Pressure from other if sudden departure – A sudden departure and hasty packing of your bags in the dream, means that somebody tries to push you to take more responsibility;
  • Avoiding tribulations and mischief if departure – This dream means that you will go out of the way with adversity and calamity;
  • Running from responsibility if see yourself leaving – In the dream you are leaving yourself means that you want to avoid and run away from responsibility;
  • Fear to miss the opportunity if miss any kind of transport – In the dream you miss the train, the car, the bus etc.  at the last moment, shows your fear that you can miss an opportunity.

* Please, see meaning of farewell, railways, travel.

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  1. I had a dream about a airport but in my dream I was not leaving. I was arriving in another country And felt very Happy. I went to a cafeteria to eat breakfast and was attended by a blonde women. She was young and had a beautiful smile. a sat down and ate and there was an autistic person that resemble my little nephew a lot but he was bigger. He grab my face and made me look at a picture of an beach with the name of my country (I live in an island). I had a polite conversation but has soon has I finished I walk forward out of the cafeteria and then the dream ended. This dream has been in my mind for a few days now and would really like help deciphering it. Also I am christian so that it was in judo-christian form.