Ice Cream dream meanings

General Meanings:

Time of joy Ice cream in a dream is associated and related with sensuality and taste. Under normal circumstances, this is an enjoyable and happy experience which will remind the dreamer his childhood and careless times. The dreamer eats an ice cream in his dream, he is also able, as an adult, to make joy with little things in his life.

Psychological Meanings:

Temporary feelings Ice cream can represent an attitude of mind, in which the dreamer comes to conclusion, that there is nothing permanent in life – joy, happiness, luck and satisfaction are fickle like an ice cream in the summer. It is understood as sensual pleasure and ” desire on desire ” and absolutely also sexuality.

Spiritual Meanings:

Instability At this level ice cream is a symbol that can represent instability, particularly when the dream stands in connection with joy.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Everything goes better if eat – In the dream you eat an ice dream, announces that everything will turn to the positive;
  • Tiring time if eat on a hot day – This dream foretells a tiring time during adventure;
  • Stopped welfare if see children licking ice – The children are licking ice means that your happiness and prosperity are at hold for a while;
  • No love If drop (young woman) – Young women, who drops her ice cream in the presence of a young admirer, are not wooed from genuine affection.
  • Disturb the luck if bitter ice-creams – The ice is bitter in your dream, unexpected problems will disturb your winning streak.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Temporary success if melt – The ice is melting, means that your comfort will end, before you started to become richer.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Become more active if melt – In the dream you see melting ice-creams, this announces you that your desires will be stuck, you have to do more if you want to reach them.

* Please, see meaning of ice.

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  1. In my dream i bought chocolate-vanilla flavoura and when i licked it i woke up from the dream (is it because it reminds me of old days or because im not sure).

  2. Is it possible that ice cream just melts in dreams because that’s what happens in real life? The melting is not some deep-seated psychological wisdom, but is a feature used by your subconscious to sell the dream to you?

  3. Aslm i saw my self buying ice-cream chocolate favor to b particuler..two containers and the one got melted bcoz i was keeping it for my mom the ather one i eat it all can anyone tell me wat it means, the i saw 140rand in my Wallet.