Job offer dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about job offer can designate peacefulness, flame and amity.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung understanding of this dream about job offer presages sovereign essence, girlish sexual desire, proficiency and gift.
Good variations are awaiting if: job offer - It normally omens the condition of being superior to all others in status. You are one step ahead. Diversely, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream could connote contra definition: a person of importance can be slippery and slippery in relation to your character.
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  • Islamic Ring - M. Ibn Sirin dreambook in Islam: Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by Muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin Ring Source: Strong The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward. The ring in dream stands for the reward, then size of that reward will be equal to the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on the ring. If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he sees himself wearing a golden ring in a dream, it means that she will give a birth to a son.... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...– To get a ring: your actions will be worth it; – Also dreaming that you are getting ring: indicates the long-term relationship with some person; – To give away: your generosity is not recognized too much. M. Ibn Sirin’s Dreambook (short): Short version of Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin Ring meaning in Islam The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward, or tremendous power or a great ruler. The carvings on the ring are what the dreamer... (read more)
  • Transformation - ...for a poor and a slave. One will be as a breadwinner – a woman, the others need less toiling in his slave labor; because woman job is less tiring. For a rich man, however, it is bad, especially when he is in political life; because usually the women prevail and connect family in the house. Therefore, the vision will exclude you all higher offices. Athletes, it means illness, the women are more tender with nature than the men. A woman is transformed into a man, it doesn’t matter is she married or is she unmarried, she has no children.... (read more)
  • Deuce - and new targets that has been set up, especially at the professional aspect of dreamer’s life. The dream could also indicate the desire to be a winner at the job he does. Traditional Meaning: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if pay the deuce – the one who pays the deuce has got an idea how to improve at things he does. Hindu (Hinduism) Deception if see deuce – beware of the fraud or any other trickery that you might get into. Arabian (Islamic) Richness if pay deuce – the one will get offered a very good endeavor if dream of deuce.... (read more)
  • Landing stage (pier) - ...home if wooden pier – The landing stage is made of wood, this dream denotes that you will live good life and will have happy family life; Good choice if walk on a landing stage – This dream stands for new beginning, you are on the right way and made very good decision; Bad news if broken or destroyed landing stage – The dream will bring you unpleasant events in your life; Good omen if fall from the landing stage – This is very positive and good sign, you will get new job offer and you will earn lots of money.... (read more)