Landing stage (pier) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Growth of personality The dream symbol of landing stage / pier stands for self-reflection and your unconscious mind. This gives the dreamer the ability to develop and improve his personality and to explore his spirit.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fighter if stand on a pier – To dream that your stand on a pier, this signifies that you reach the highest honor, because you move through life fearlessly. You struggle for recognition and prosperity;
  • Happiness if see a pier – This dream indicates that you will have happy and prosperous life. You will find inner peace and your heart will fulfill of wonderful emotions;
  • Love if build or make a pier ( landing stage) – In the dream you are making a pier, this announces you marriage. You will find your soul mate;
  • Joy at home if wooden pier – The landing stage is made of wood, this dream denotes that you will live good life and will have happy family life;
  • Good choice if walk on a landing stage – This dream stands for new beginning, you are on the right way and made very good decision;
  • Bad news if broken or destroyed landing stage – The dream will bring you unpleasant events in your life;
  • Good omen if fall from the landing stage – This is very positive and good sign, you will get new job offer and you will earn lots of money.

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