Image of you dream meanings

General Meanings:

Looking for yourself The counterpart as a dream symbol often shows that you are searching for yourself at this moment in order to understand yourself better. In other words, the dreamer is looking for a new identification of his own ego. This dream interpretation can be good help and a good sign in deeper self-knowledge.

Psychological Meanings:

To correct the appearance of your own image in the dream then, this means that you are concerned about the extent of your own person. This dream denotes a strong, sometimes exaggerated search for the self. Very frequent dream of counterpart may be a sign of a serious personality disorder.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see your own image – Your own image in the dream stands as a warning against intemperance and displays immoral acts and intentions.

* Please, see meaning of image, pictures, mirror, wasp.

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