Indictment dream meanings

General Meanings:

Doubts You accuse someone in your dream, this shows that you are indecisive person and do not know what to decide or to choose. You have to accept challenge and to solve this.

Fear to be accused You are accused in the dream, this indicates that you have fear to be accused that you have done something wrong unknowingly. You have to talk about this and to find out all questions.

Psychological Meanings:

Need of changes and Improvement of life You have a feeling that you did something wrong. In the dream you are a defendant in a court. This means that you have to consider and to change your life. To improve and to make more positive environment for relationship.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No worries if dream indictment – This dream signifies that worries will disappear;
  • Scandal if indictment for accused person – This indicates that you will have worries about scandal, which is connected with secrets that you know;
  • Unpleasant events if impose yourself – In the dream you impose a indictment, this is signs of restlessness and dissatisfaction. Also this dream will bring you disputes with people who you are related, this will push down your dignity;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Confidence if hear a final indictment – To dream a result of indictment, this means that you will not be dissatisfied about your decision and actions. You are sure and confident what you do.

* Please, see meaning of display, accused, court, judge.

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