Lady checkers dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Good company if see board of checkers – In a dream you see a board of checkers with figures, then this dream marks that you will be in merry company and will have wonderful time;
  • Damage if play checkers – In the dream you are playing checkers, then this dream indicates that you will  have various success in business. But the negative meaning of this dream shows serious trouble and harm because of a stranger who will come to your life;
  • Success if win checkers with the lady – The dream marks that your dubious business will have success.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if play checkers – In the dream you play checkers, then this dream is a warning that you have to stay away from gambling because you may lose lots of money.

* Please, see meaning of games, playing cards.

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