Laundry dream meanings


Cleaning, purification, release.


What I want to clear up? What is dirty after frequent use?

General Meanings:

Laundry as a dream denotes that you are not in good and peaceful relationship with others. In the dream the large amounts of dirty laundry point to injustices that other people cause. Clean laundry and hung up to dry laundry promise you happiness and a positive attitude to your life and worries.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Loss if see dirty laundry – The dirty laundry in the dream has a negative meaning which announces separation or loss in your life;
  • Profit if hang to dry laundry – When you hang to dry your laundry in the dream then this dream will bring you benefits for your life;
  • Worry if see drying laundry – The dream shows that you are very concerned about your own benefit;
  • Happiness if iron laundry – When you are ironing your laundry in the dream, then this dream promises joy because of your frugality.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wellness if pure laundry – The pure laundry as a dream symbol announces good health;
  • Disagreement if dirty laundry – The dirty laundry in the dream indicates that you will have quarrels at home;
  • News if hang up laundry – When you hang up laundry in the room then this marks that you’ll get big news which may change your life;
  • Welfare if laundry in the closet – To see nice laundry in the closet in the dream, then you may expect that you will get prosperity;
  • Gossip if wash laundry – When you are washing laundry in the dream then this signifies about gossip, evil gossip which may damage your reputation.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • News if wash yourself laundry – In the dream you wash your laundry by yourself this means that you will soon make a big impression for important people, also you will get important news;
  • Problems if wash clean laundry – In the dream you wash your clean laundry then you will create problems and adversity for yourself.

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  1. In my dream I saw myself cleaning a heap of my dirty clothes. And since I was on a journey I left someone to rinse and hang them for me and I would pay them for the job. Does it have any meaning?