Lavender dream meanings

General Meanings:

Happy pure life and emotions Dream symbol of lavender indicates mysticism and spiritual cleansing. By the ancient dream books – Lavender is a symbol for a happy and successful time. This flower announces new phase in your life, which will be much more joyful.

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happy love if seeing lavender flowers or smelling them in a dream – Very good sign that you will have a lot of happiness in love and also in social life. Also you will be able to forget painful events of the your past;
  • Meditation if smelling and breathing lavenders – You take a deep breath of the smell of lavenders, this shows that you need to do some meditation, to clean and pure your thought in order to know yourself better.

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if seeing and smelling lavender – In the dream you smell lavender, this shows that now it is time to achieve your desires you will have success in everywhere;
  • Serenity if smelling lavender in your dream – This symbol and smell symbolizes calmness, peace and relaxation;
  • Luck if getting as a gift a lavender – In the dream you get a lavender as a gift, will bring you luck and new adventures in your life;
  • Love if see growing lavenders in the dream – This dream announces you enjoyable affairs with the lover.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if dreaming lavenders – You should have no fear in reaching your goals, because your success will not leave you so quickly;
  • Rest if seeing lavenders and smelling – In the dream you smell lavenders, this indicates that in near future you will have relaxation period in your life.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming, seeing, smelling lavenders in the dream – In general this dream symbol stands only for good emotions. Everything what is related with success, happiness relaxation and meditation. This dream symbol will bring you only positive feelings, emotions or thoughts. The lavender will calm you. The lavender is a symbol of cleanliness and virginity, love and devotion.

Getting lavenders in the dream – Lavender as a symbol is very good. When you get lavenders in the dream, it is very good omen. This dream symbol will bring you success and adventures in your life. You will experience wonderful time.

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18 responses

  1. I had a dream that i was swimming in tall fields of lavender as i was afraid to touch the bottom because i could not see it was so thick and the more movement i caused i started disturbing bees. what does this mean??

  2. In my dream, I threw a vial of lavender at my grandmother and she burst into flames (I’m not fond of my father’s mother, or that side of the family)

    Felt good, and I had a giggle about it when I woke up.

  3. I had a dream that I saw tall full bushy plants of both purple and white lavender sprouting up in front of a sunny high wall. I did not know that there was such a thing as white flowering lavender until I saw it in the dream. I thought I would look it up on the net to see if does actually exist and was surprised to find it really does! I have had a lot of heartache and troubles in my past and from reading your dream interpretation for lavender it does seem as though it will be a positive thing but I have a concern about the high wall behind the lavender. What do you think the wall behind the lavender may mean?

  4. Last night I dreamed, I was some how in a beautiful field laying down and out of no where I seen this had appear, and some one handed me a handful of lavender. It wads so strange it was if someone wanted to see me happy. I smelled the flowers and the fragrance was so sweet and strong that I don’t remember putting them down. I don’t remember much else, except for the day seemed like spring time. very pleasant.

  5. I don’t dream of Lavender but I keep smelling it – its very strong and the odour goes right up my nostrils and then goes again and comes back. Its very strange – any ideas what this means?

    • My mother had this a few nights ago in the middle of the night. So strong it made her cough. She thought it weird too but I can’t find much information on it anywhere.

  6. I dreamt of moving into a new appartment. I was climbing over a wall and entered it through a big window. The appartment was huge with lots of bright and airy rooms and in the kitchen there were pictures of lavender and in the living room there was lavender in a vase.

  7. i have no dream I had after seads Lavender former branch ni rupture grew Lavender and the wind I was very much enjoy Lavender also had roasted

    • In relation of your loss this dream may indicate that you will be able to forget bitter events of the past. Also need to attach purple color (which is still mystery for me) meaning in dream for complete understanding of your dream. But lavender always have purple color, so this symbol (purple color) is not so important at all.