Library dream meanings


Knowledge, records, research and the past.


What does the past say to me?

General Meanings:

In the dream a library as a dream symbol can represent the “warehouse” for the collected experiences of your life. It can also symbolize the intellect and the way how the dreamer deals with knowledge.

  • A well-organized library in the dream refers to the ability to reason things and to make conclusion in order to reach better results.
  • A chaotic, dusty library in the dream represents the difficulties and misunderstandings when the dreamer has to deal with the information. Marks his inability to make order in his own mind.

Psychological Meanings:

Growth of personality The library as a dream symbol stands as very important thing in a certain stage of mental and spiritual development. This points to the wisdom and skills that that the dreamer has and collects, but also on the wisdom of mankind. If the dreamer sees himself in the library then he will reach great success and recognition.

Spiritual Meanings:

The dream of a library indicates the collective unconscious – this is all that was and will be.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Opportunity for changes if be in a library – You are in the library in your dream, then this dream marks that you will increase your own knowledge or opportunity to do or to create something. The growing dissatisfaction about the environment and your friends, you might prefer to study and to change something in your life;
  • Success if be or see a library – To be or to see a library in your dream denotes success for you, but only after long, hard and tenacious pursuit of your goals;
  • Wasting time if go to the library – In the dream you are going to the library but for other purposes than the study, this means that you fool yourself with unnecessary information and¬†dubious activities instead of taking really serious actions and decisions.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Wasting time if stay in a library – In the dream you stay in the library because you do not find the information, then this dream marks that you will have to deal with¬†unlettered people instead of reaching your goals;
  • Need of help if see a library – When the library appears in your dream, then this is sign that you need good advice from wise person;
  • Hard work if work in the library – You are working in the library in your dream, so this is a dream which shows that you will reach your goals and aims only through hard work and stubbornness.

* Please, see meaning of building.

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