Lizard dream meanings


A positive omen, a messenger; regenerative power.

General Meanings:

Warning and a sign of unpleasantness Lizard is often stands as a warning of envious people, of whom you have to be careful. Also the lizard as a dream symbol may indicate misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements according to the different and the individual circumstances. The lizard is a small dragon, so this dream shows that the dreamer desires to show himself/herself  larger than he/she in really is.

Psychological Meanings:

The dream of lizard is harmless, rather, it represents the subconscious and its hunch. When the lizard became a monster in the dream, then this dream is interpreted as a fear of something enormous and uncontrolled forces of subconscious.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Use your friends if see a lizard – The lizard in the dream signifies that you have to acquire good friends which will be useful in your business or even in troubles. Also you have to be attentive with your enemies because you may experience a treachery;
  • Some worries if see green lizard – The dream lizard as a dream symbol stands for misunderstandings, but you do not need to worry because they will be clarified at the end;
  • Anxiety if see gray lizard – In the dream you see a grey lizard then you will experience anger and envy of people who abuse your trust.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Wake up if see a lizard – The lizard in your dream goes as a sign that you have to be on the ground of reality and do not live in fantasy world.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Unpleasant period if see a lizard – You are dreaming of a lizard then this dream announces that you will have concern by evil people, your hidden enemies cause you unpleasant events.

* Please, see meaning of dragon, animal.

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