Lizard dream meanings


– Cold blood; Reptile; A positive omen, a messenger; Regenerative power.


– Where in my life am I ready to show more warmth?

General Meanings:

Worries and Hardship – Lizard often goes for envious people, of whom you must be aware. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different or personal circumstances. This reptile is like a small dragon.

Psychological Meanings:

Subconscious and Fear – As a dream symbol it is considered as harmless, but rather, it represents the dreamer’s subconscious and hunches. Dragon lizard threat is in recklessness and lack of instinctive. It may also happen that the lizard in the dream turned into a monster that causes the dreamer’s fear. This vision is a warning against uncontrolled driving forces of the subconscious.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Prosperity If Seeing – In the dream you see a lizard, this dream shows you that you will have strong turnaround in your business and other matters;
Acquaintance If Seeing – You are dreaming that you see a lizard this also can mean that you should not put off the going outs, you can acquire good friends that may be useful to you;
Misconception If Seeing green – When in the dream green lizard appears this means misunderstandings, which will be clarified at the end;
Abuse If Seeing grey – In the dream you see grey lizard, this shows your inner anger about the people who abuse the trust you placed for them. Your conscious  warns and wants to tell you about bad and unfair people;
Danger If Seeing – You are dreaming that you see lizard in a dream, this dream warns you about the treat to be attacked by enemies, so be careful and attentive;
Retrieve of Possession If Killing – In the dream you kill a lizard, this dream announces you about the recovery of lost property;
Irritation If Escaping – When the lizard escapes from you in the dream then you should expect annoyances in love and at work;
Danger in family If crawling lizard – In the dream a woman dreams that she sees a crawling  lizard on the rock. This means that she stands in front of her misfortune and grief. Her husband may have a serious accident, leaves her in penniless, so she has to struggle to earn more If she doesn’t want to live in misery.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Stop dreaming If Seeing – When in your dreams appears a lizard then you have to be on the ground of reality, don’t dream. The reality is cruel because somebody can use your insouciance.

Arabian (Islamic)

Worries If Seeing – You are dreaming that you see a lizard, this dream concerns you about evil people; The hidden enemies cause you unpleasant, annoyances in the near future. Be aware.

* Please, see meaning of dragon, animal.

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  1. I dreamt a black lizard on the wall and I smashed and killed the lizard with my hand and blood all over of the lizard. Also one brown lizard seems running down the wall when black lizard killed.
    Any explanation

  2. I had a dream in I saw lizards coloured in white and black stripes
    my kitchen. On seeing them, I started spraying insecticide on them but they didn’t run away but hid close to my gas cylinder while one jumped during the spraying. what does this dream mean?

  3. I saw 4 wall geckos in my room, near two TUBELIGHTs in my room on two different walls, although in reality I just have one tubelight in my room. These lizards were big in size. The roof of this room looked dirty with spider webs having spiders in it.
    Later I picked some water and splashed two lizards with water and they made a run for it. Then again I picked up a lizard killer spray and sprayed all four lizards, out of which two almost escaped and two fell from the wall, were as I saw three very little dead lizards after the spray had been done.
    I just woke up after the dream, its 3 am to be exact.
    Please give me interpretation of my dream.

  4. I saw two lizards together. Firstly I was in kitchen with my wife discussingbovwrvapetty thing and suddenly I saw a lizard falling from ceiling on to the threshold of the kitchen. Then I saw there was already another lizard down on floor. Both crawled towards left on floor. Next thing I see them on the floor between me and the sink getting drenched by drops falling out of sink. I kept watching them but did not stop washing utensils. The lizards were normal coloured as white to yellow but not black or grey. What does this dream mean?

  5. I had a dream the lizard was flat on it’s back in a bowl of soup some food. Looked like it was splitting in two… But it was definitely 1 floating upside down

  6. I Had A Dream About A Green Lizard. IT’S Manly Talking About BE Ware OF Someone Might Harm ME. I Might Know Who This Person IS Might BE MY EX – Boyfriend. HE Been Doing ALL Crazy Thing’s About ME. Does This Really Mean Anything And Should I Really DO Something About IT?

  7. I had a dream that my mom left the door open and 5 lizards crawled in ….I tried to get rid of them but they kept multiplying … small lizards packed every inch of the room …and I’m terrified ..does this have to mean anything ?

    • I dreamed of a colour changing lizard it suddenly came & sat on my hand and suddenly it disappeard. I suddenly woke up from the sleep i was terrified ..does this have to mean anything ?

  8. I saw that I was in my room in my home country, and I saw a 2 headed iguana with the end of their tail red, on the wall. And then I woke up. I’ve been living in the US for 8 years now, and went of vacation to my home country recently

  9. I dreamed of a lizard with a blue tongue and blue tail i was kind of playing with him with a stick he was in like a ditch with water and i was making him go back and forth a little bit just so i could observe him right before i woke up he went under water and was breathing out his blue nose thats all u seen was his nose

  10. I had a dream about a lizard. In my dream, while i was taking a bath i can hear the steps of that lizard but it didnt go inside my bathroom. After i finished taking a bath, i went to my bathroom again and i saw on the floor a dead lizard. Its limbs were cut and i can see some blood from it. Can you help me understand what it means?

  11. Hai. Last night I had a dream in which a wheatbrown coloured lizard jumper on me flying and hold my fingur with its tongue. It was noy trying to escape or harm me. I was scared was trying to let it go.i even thought of cutting it but cant dare as I din want to harm the lizard. It was something I cant explain in words. What does it mean can anyone explain.

  12. Saw a brown small lizard on the wall in dream bitting a wire .Every one wanted to keep it but I was afraid of it as I don’t like lizards what does this means

  13. A family member of mine had a dream about giving birth to a cat-sized lizard. It irritated her and her kids, but then she grew to like it, until it reproduced, which further annoyed her. I had a dream that my boyfriend turned into a cat-sized lizard, but he was nice and his normal self. He also wanted me to treat him like a cat, and he only turned into a lizard once he heard that we were going to the grocery store. What do these dreams mean?

  14. I dreamt they where 3 lizards in my room and I was fight them trying to kill them.They where all different one was small.They were crawling and I was with a knive and killing spray trying to kill them.I felt one felt on me and I removed it.Am always afraid of lizards.

  15. i saw a lizard in my room & i hv a broom . i m trying to take away lizard from my room with the help of broom and it goes out i m watching it what does the dream means? plz tell


  16. Dreamed about a brown lizard and i had it as a pet. I was in school and it always tried to run away. it was very clever it picks its head up and looks at me and made a sound. i always picked it up with my hands. It ran away in the end and there was a green frog with it. There was dry grass weed with purple flowers.
    Could you please give me the meaning of this dream. i would really appreciate it.


  17. I dreamt, I was at a car dealership with my and I notice one large beige lizard crawl out of the dirt. They were like the color of sand about eight inches long four inches wide with dark Brown specs. They kept crawling out of the pile of dirt and looking at me, I further noticed the entire pile was full of scales as if they were caked in the dirt. Then small babies crawled on my hands, and and dirt like crust began to form around and over them. They began to stick to skin, like a sucking feeling. I asked for help everyone just stood there and looked at me, as I’m screaming get them off. Help me get them off, they started to multiply and this simple dream quickly turned into a nightmare, so I promptly woke up.

    • Haha.. I am looking for this meaning too.. For my dream; I was dreaming three lizards. Two lizards were hugging each other; and the other was near the hugging lizards. I tried to chase them away; but they wouldn’t move a little. I spray them with blessed water; & still they are totally not moving. -_-” kind of annoys me!

  18. In my dream,I dreamt that a small lizard is on the back of my left palm and biting my middle finger at the place where the finger is joined to the palm.At first I’m scared for a second but when I don’t feel much pain I just observe it bite my finger and my blood ooze out.I wonder why the small lizard is trying so viciously to bite me.Then I woke up.

  19. I had a dream that I had two grey lizards (one bigger than the other) running fast through my livingroom. I captured them both and placed them in a fish tank (no water) but with plants and rocks. One tried to escape…. they looked harmless, but I really don’t like lizards. Lol

  20. I saw a big gren lizard in my dream crawling out of my Air conditioner in my bedroom for a sec i thought it was a crocodile it starred at me and then went back in to the ac what does this mean i am a muslim woman

  21. I saw that in my house so many lizards r gathering, and if we try to scare them, then they are scaring us and taking long long jump every where. Kindly help me by telling what does this mean.

  22. I was in office party in a dream, and I was having a very small lizard as my pet…. it was black in colour……. While in the party as i left him side and started enjoying, somthing happened …. then I found that i have mis-placed it. After somtime I was feeling somthing inside my skin of my hand …. I saw somthing moving inside the skin… then i felt that it was my lizard inside my skin …. please help ??? What do this mean???

  23. i had a dream in the morning that one lizard bite me on my nose what does it signifies? secondly i sold my property for what i was expecting the price. pls let me know abouts dreams. thanks

  24. In my afternoon nap I saw bronze lizard big size,a brooch pin or fnger ring lizard, in a gold jewel shop and few real lizards of skin brown colour.. all in my dream!! what does it symbolize?? I am going through financial, personal relation and work related troubles in mild form…

  25. Once I saw a dream that we have got a medicine which may help us to get rid of the lizards in our home.. The process to use that medicine was that we have to keep the medicine on the floor of any room, all the lizards of your will gather in the same room. And in a minute all the lizard will die.

    We got that remedy and followed the same process. But something very frightening happen to me. While running out from my house after keeping the medicine i was trapped by many lizards. Any how I rid from there. And then my eyes were open I saw here and there and found my mom sleeping beside me.. I hugged her tightly and slept again..

  26. Last night I dreamt of two lizards. They were the usual brown, but they had green legs with nails like monitor lizards. In my dream I was in my bedroom and on my bed, with me in the room was another person who was standing next to the bed…..we were both staring down at the lizards. While I was terrified out of my wits, he was telling about what kind of a lizards they were….I was disturbed after the dream..please help.

  27. A black lizard that my husband and I just removed from our church and released it outside yesterday, for some reason appeared in my dream last night. in my dream this lizard was crawling on me while I was laying on my side. I was telling my husband to removed it from me because I can feel it crawling toward my back and I was afraid of what will do to me. Just didn’t like the feeling of lizard crawling.

  28. My wife dreamed of me having little lizards inside my legs from the knees all the way down to my feet, after couple of days it started going away except for one lizard. She grabbed it’s head and pulled it out and throw it away.

    Would appreciate if anyone can share with me the meaning for this dream

  29. thanku so vei much. i was so worried about my dream in which i saw so many lizard…. felt like yes i saw something dangerous n unpleasent thing….
    after reading this post…m vei much clear about my dream. now i will take care of my self from evil people who can harm me.
    thanx a lot again

  30. I dreamt there were 2 lizards…one was fully green and the other was black and white like polka dots…and the jump on me n the green one was at my shoulder and the polka dot one crawl down to my vagina and stayed there hanging from underneath….what could b my interpretation??…

  31. I rarley dream and then remember them but on this occassion I remembered the dream about the lizard. There was so many of them in the room some with their tail off and then cut in half and the blood and guts showing through.

  32. Had a dream that my younger sister leaves the bedroom window open and there are three four Lizards roaming around. One was on the window pane , the second one on the floor . Inmy dream i escape from the bedroom . Got up very disturbed

  33. I have a blue tongue skink. and I had a dream that I was an anthropologist and im digging but Im discovering blue tongue skinks and the regular green lizards and then one blue tongue skink climb on my arm since that what my blue tongue skink always do?? what do that dream mean?