Loneliness dream meanings

General Meanings:

Try to hide Dreams of loneliness / abandonment are often the outflow of a life. The solitude signifies that we separate ourselves from friends or colleagues. It was sad to confirm the dream that being alone is not always good.

Learn to accept others In the dream to be a child and to be alone in the dark means that you have to rely on others and not to be afraid to accept the support. Every dream of loneliness and solitude this expresses existence uncertainties of the dreamer.

Psychological Meanings:

Who dreams of loneliness then they are a typical type pf people who are very self-centered, like to be alone, and at the same time don’t want to admit this.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wonderful life if feel lonely – In the dream you feel lonely, then this dream announces that you will become independent person, you will create your own success and happiness. Also you will stand on your own feet and no one will make any influence for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Loss of person if be lonely in your life – You are dreaming that you are lonely in your life then in your real life someone will leave you in near future.

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