Lose weight dream meanings

General Meanings:

Weight loss announces your own future economic prosperity. If you lose weight yourself, you may soon feel sorrow and worry about a “life off”, or you will feel jealousy and envy from false friends. Maybe the unconscious wants to show us that there are a lot of other people who lives in poorness while our prosperity is assured.

Psychological Meanings:

Meagerness – Mostly, for your own, means psychological substance loss. You see yourself always thinner and thinner in your dreams, you want to “take up as little space”, to be overlooked and hardly perceived – this shows that it does not have any affect for reaching further efforts and expectations. However, if you really suffering from obesity in your dream, you will finally reach the ideal of beauty.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Adversity If lost weight – This dream displays that you will have adversities and worries in your personal life or at work;
  • Advantages If see other skinny – This mean that you will get some advantages but you will be grudge for them;
  • Wealth If see others lose weight – This shows that you gain benefits at the expense of others and soon you will come to prosperity;
  • Problems If yourself lost weight or emaciated look – This dream is a warning about coming problems. You threatened loss, strife, heartache and envious friends, health disorders;
  • Prosperity If see being thicker then normally – This a sign of coming prosperity in near future.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Not good If lose weight – In the dream, it doesn’t mean good when the body or a single part of the body is emaciated, with the exception of the female tongue.
  • Worries If became thin – Who is good in flesh and in the dream became thin, everything will be wrong and confused at labor or in profession;
  • Bad omen If a single part of the body lost weight – The dream according to the meaning of that body part which lost weight: The head and the neck – for dreamer itself; Collarbone – for concubine; The upper arms – the brothers and closest relatives; The shoulder blades and ribs – the wives/husbands; the belly – the family and the richness of the dreamer; the thigh – his blood relatives;  The legs and feet – poor living;
  • Good omen If meaty – Every body part that is full, strong and meaty means a good thing according to its relationship to the named persons.

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