Lucifer dream meanings

Lucifer dream represents success, supervision and surveillance, winning, cycle, care and carrying, break and dawn.

To dream Lucifer means good fortune which comes through Him will. It is good dream since it predicts luck and success.

Also, dreaming of Lucifer means that your life is being watched very closely. It doesn’t mean that some is spying on you. You do know the story of Lucifer and thus you do know what belief means, then you should understand that your life is being watched by a supernatural being. It is fortunate sign.

Also, the dreams of Lucifer predicts good result in any game of chance. It will might bring unexpected win, if you do well a calculation of risk.

Lucifer dream symbolizes the never-ending life cycle. Maybe your daily routine makes you tired, so it is very good time to change it. Thus Lucifer represents very fortunate position for successful fresh start of your new routine in waking life.

The symbolism of Lucifer in a dream stands for a care and a carrying. It can mean that you will receive the re-birth of your spirituality. But sometimes it can indicate a care for a baby. Thus it means a birth of a baby in waking life.

Finally, if you are struggling in your life, then Lucifer can indicate breaking the ice of troubles. And that predicts an easiness for you in the new dawn of your waking life.

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