Marriage dream meanings

General Meanings:

Marriage is an ambiguous symbol. Sometimes this may represent a desire for a committed relationship, or sometimes has nothing to do with the marriage in reality:

  • The marriage in the dream proves that one feels alone (which can also be in a real existing marriage), that the dreamer is sexually satisfied in full.
  • To be married to a stranger, it means that after permanent relationship the dreamer longs for connection (not necessarily with the person appeared in the dream).
  • The quick marriage with a stranger in the dream, the sign of sudden change of your career.
  • To be forced to get married, the dream denotes that your obsessions that make your personal life easier, but will make your work harder and more difficult.
  • To dream of existing marriage, this indicates that you live in harmony with yourself, has reconciled with internal contradictions of personality and therefore can cause an overall happy, contented life. Marriage may therefore prompt you to seek this inner harmony and to develop your happy life.
  • Adultery implies that you by your own actions endangered the unity of the personality and therefore you may expect problems if you continue to implement your unilateral desires and needs. Sometimes this dream expresses guilt, which is not necessarily related to the real marriage.
  • Divorce in the dream warns of loss of inner harmony, also reference to slander, with which one you have to confront.
  • Widowhood may indicate that some parts of the personality are “dead”, or severely repressed and suppressed, and this easily leads to disorders of mental health of the dreamer.

Psychological Meanings:

Balance and harmony If the marriage was associated with vague fears, then you need to rethink your plans again thoroughly. The neutral marriage as a dream symbol represents that you will overcome differences and reconciliation. This is valid both for the balance between body and mind, conscious and subconscious, feeling and understanding as well as the fusion of male and female forces. Often, we dream of marriage specifically – wedding and intercourse, then this expresses a desire for a strong, harmonious relationship. Is the dream of adultery and divorce, this means that your equilibrium is disturbed.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happy marriage if be a guest in weddings – This shows an early marriage, also means happiness and profit;
  • Troubles if be a widow or widower – In the dream to be a widow or a widower this dream marks that you will have worries and distress at home;
  • Troubles if adultery – The dream of adultery is a sign of upcoming worries because of your passion for something;
  • Bad people if divorce – The divorce in the dream signifies that there are a lot of people who want to make damage;
  • Happy family if marriage is blessed by a priest – The dream promises a happy married life and wonderful family;
  • Anxiety if forced marriage – The forced marriage in the dream proclaims anger and disappointment in near future.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good future if get married – In a dream you get married then you will have a happy future;
  • Misfortune if have marriage with an ugly person – The marriage with an ugly person, this dream denotes that you will have adversities of all kinds;
  • Happiness if hide that are married – You are hiding from people that you are married in the dream, then this signifies that you will have well life and satisfaction.

* Please, see meaning of sex, divorce.

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