Someone throwing broken glass at you dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of someone throwing broken glass at you might specify succor, affection and association.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's understanding of this dream about someone throwing broken glass at you symbolizes self-sufficient mood, fertile libido, virtuosity and right arm.
Favourable metamorphosis are awaiting only: someone throwing broken glass at you - This dream sign normally betokens the fact of being preeminent. You are a frontrunner. Diversely, if the dream was more like nightmare then this dream can sign contra sense: a person of great value may be underhand and/or undependable toward your interests.
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  • Glasses - deceptive advice of others in the waking life. To look through a clear glasses means that you will have the right view in the waking life. To look through foggy glasses, means that you do not want to see quite surely things which would be useful to you. The broken glasses circumscribes the happiness which shatters easily. Psychological Meanings: The glasses in the dream indicates that the dreamer directs his attention more on what happens outside, instead of turning the look inwards. Glasses can also stand for preconceived opinions and beliefs. It is a symbol for the possibility to consider little bit... (read more)
  • Wine glasses - seeing beautifully polished wine glass or glasses – Very good sign which announces wealth. Arabian (Islamic) Chance to avoid worries if break wine glass in a dream – You may have a huge misfortune, but there is chances to avoid it. Now it is time for you to be very attentive with all your works. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming damaged, broken or destroyed glass of wine in the dream – These dream symbols may have different interpretation. This can signify about destroyed desires and wishes, because of your own fault. The other meaning may be that you have destroyed and broken... (read more)
  • Magnifying glass - Meanings: At the spiritual level the magnifying glass in the dream means that the dreamer must take a closer look at his behavior, if he wants to move forward on the path of spiritual development. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Free attitude if someone uses magnifying glass – In your dream you see that a person uses magnifying glass in order to analyze something, then this denotes your attitude to others. You think that people are too concerned about their actions and can not enjoy their life; Clean soul if broke magnifying glass – When you broke a magnifying glass in... (read more)
  • Break - is not good. New  beginning Breaking something can be a positive symbol, shows that you have to found a way out of a crisis and with it the new beginning will be marked. Psychological Meanings: Be vigilant Broken glass in a dream means, that we should be more careful with certain people or things. The porcelain was broken, this is more positive then other objects. Free yourself from shackles If the dreamer shatters himself an object in a dream, this is understood as an indication to the fact, that he must take action to break the shackles or to dissolve a liaison in his life. Spiritual... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - ...In a dream in which you see how the stranger puts the ring on your finger, shows unexpected help to the problem which you were trying solve for a long time; If you dream that you just can not select the suitable ring size, it means that in reality you are not attached to anyone emotionally; If the ring falls off your finger that’s a bad sign. Maybe in real life you have broken the promise or commitment you gave to someone and now the subconscious mind of yours gives you a signal, that you did not behave as you... (read more)
  • Beer glass - pleasure and happy feelings; Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming an empty glass of beer – This symbol marks that you have some worries because of undone works. You trust yourself too much, you were irresponsible, too relaxed and this caused such things. Dreaming full glass of beer – Drinking fresh beer, shows that you have clear plan how to reach your aims. You are moving toward it. Also you will have good incomes because of your hard work. Drinking moldy and bad beer, this dream shows that you have worries and difficulties. Also this dream wants to pay attention to your health.... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - delicious sex with spouse that night. • Drinking clean and limpid water from a glass: Benefits from one’s children or wife (because glass is part of the essence of women,56 and water symbolizes the fetus). • Being given water to drink in a glass or a goblet: Will have a child. • Water in a glass: A child. If the glass is broken and the water remains, the mother will die and the child survive. The reverse is also true. • An atheist drinking clear and clean water: Will embrace Islam. • A person seeking learning drinking pristine water: Will... (read more)
  • Leg - loss through carelessness, extremely thin legs – a betrayal. Sick or amputated leg draws attention to dangers and losses, perhaps a divorce of intimate people or financial losses. Your broken leg indicates obstructions. Broken leg of other person, it can announce that you will hit a competitor from the field. Occasionally the leg is also a sexual symbol which perhaps signifies suppressed sexual needs. The interpretation of the dreams about legs, you must pay attention to the different symbolism of right and left leg, when you only see a leg in the dream. Psychological Meanings: Motor to move The leg is... (read more)
  • Wine - ...creates happiness. Sometimes a bottle of wine is understood in its intoxicating properties as a phallic symbol or a symbol of masculinity. The wine glass can be seen as a symbol of happiness or dream symbol of pregnancy. But if glass of wine is broken in a dream, it means either grief or, in the dream of a woman – a miscarriage. The red wine is regarded as a symbol of the blood. The white wine is regarded as a symbol of clarity. Spiritual Meanings: At a spiritual level wine indicate wealth, fullness or admission of spiritual power. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian)... (read more)
  • Glass eye - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good news if have glass eye – You are dreaming that you have a glass eye then you will get good news from a friend, or sometimes an advantageous business deal which will bring you property.... (read more)
  • Crown glass - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Discovery if see crown of glass – The dream of crown of glass then in your life you will find or will make small discoveries and new things.... (read more)
  • Beer - – shows that in your circle of acquaintances you have to do sometimes with boasters and bluffers. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Health if see beer and mead in a dream – These symbols are from ancient of peace and health; Good life if drinking beer – This dream announces health and good salary; Disappointment if drinking beer at a bar – This dream announces that you will feel sadness and displeasure in your life because of unfulfilled desires or aims; Destroyed wishes if see a glass or watch someone drinking beer – This signifies that your best hopes will be destroyed by... (read more)
  • Aquarium - in aquarium – In the dream you are swimming in an aquarium, this dream indicates that there is the threat of loss. You have to be very attentive and observant; New start if see a broken aquarium – In the dream you see a broken aquarium, this is very good sign that now you can free your emotions and start to do something very important. Now you are not hiding behind the glass; Clear future if clear water in the aquarium – In the dream you see clear and clean water in the aquarium, this marks that you purified your thoughts... (read more)
  • Egg - eggs – The dream prophesies means a large number of children’s; Danger If red – This dream warns you about danger of fire; Disease If yellow – This color eggs announces an illness; Luck or Loss If broken inedible or fresh broken – In the dream you see (fresh) broken eggs means abundant gifts from the goddess of good luck. Your positive attitude and your sense of justice will make you very popular. If see broken inedible eggs means losses and quarrels; Reaching opportunities If buy – In the dream you buy eggs means that you will attain advantages because... (read more)
  • Mug - General Meanings: Mug (trophy) as a dream symbol symbolizes the fullness of life, opportunities that arise from the personality abilities and the life circumstances. This dream marks how the dreamer can maintain his properties and realize his potential. To drink from a noble mug – For sick people this promises fast and complete recovery. To get a mug – You will earn an honor, a victory or huge growth of property. To see a broken mug – A broken mug in the dream pays your attention your health. Empty mug – The empty mug in the dream often indicates that your life... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...are honest person. The meaning of this dream foretells that you will get great results at any project you will do, because people are going to help you because of your sincere personality; If you dream about a glass of boiling water in it – you will have to go through emotionally intense period, which will end harmonious in finale if you will pull yourself together; If you dream of seeing someone wet, but dead – a trip to health resort, recovery from illness. Old Persian dreambook: Water meanings from Ancient Persian dreambook by al-Tiflisi There are many different dream... (read more)
  • Water - ...that you will get great results at any project you will do, because people are going to help you because of your sincere personality; If you dream about a glass of boiling water in it – you will have to go through emotionally intense period, which will end harmonious in finale if you will pull yourself together; If you dream of seeing someone wet, but dead – a trip to health resort, recovery from illness. Old Persian dreambook: Water meanings from Ancient Persian dreambook by al-Tiflisi There are many different dream meanings about water depending on the condition of the... (read more)
  • Wine bottles - General Meanings: In a dream a wine bottle stands for desire and passion. To dream that you’re breaking bottle of wine, signifies excessive gratification in your desires, wishes and passions. Psychological Meanings: At the psychological level the dream about wine bottle symbolizes the masculine. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happy travel if see wine bottles in a dream – This dream shows that soon you will have a happy visit; Sad days if dreaming of empty or broken bottles of wine – This shows sad thoughts and many sorrows in your family; Too much love if break a wine bottle by yourself... (read more)
  • Silver ring - And these souls are ready to help each other in case of difficult times. Silver wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond of souls; Silver engagement ring is a symbol of an deeper loyalty – mental and material. Two silver rings in dream can be indication of two very different individuals, these are willing to give up singularity in exchange for being together; For young couples, girlfriend and boyfriend, silver ring can occur in dream not only as indication of deeper feelings, but also as a suggestion for joint budget. Spiritually: At the spiritual level silver represents the femininity. Ring stands... (read more)
  • Arm - a broken arm – This dream will bring you loss, danger, threat; Losses if have stiff arms – This dream announces loss of money due to poor health; Illness if lose an arm – In the dream you lose an arm, this signifies a death or serious illness in the family; Warning if amputated arm – This means separation and divorce, have to be aware of deception and fraud; Fortune if hairy and strong arms – This dream shows fortune in lottery prize and assets, also prospect at work; Opportunity if someone spreads his arms to you – You have... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - ...way, particularly in his marriage or other close relationship. Copper ring with diamond: a joy in relationship; but announces bad luck for Muslim by Ibn Sirin. Wooden ring with diamond: possibility of troubles, but with huge efforts success will be achieved. A lot of gems on ring – Dreaming of many diamonds on ring meaning: very positive dream; accumulation of big honor and high social acknowledgment you will have in prospect. Dream with bad atmosphere can indicate worries and fears of the dreamer. Bad dreams are those where fantasized threatening event or situation create stress and the dreamer have felt anxiety.... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - have wrong attitude to something, you are lying something, you are not real person you are wearing the mask in order to hide something. You may want to use other people to reach your goals, or try to protect yourself from the surrounding. Broken teeth signifies that you have worries and problems which have broken your plans. You need to repair some aspects in your life. When someone else breaks your teeth, this shows that someone wants to to make harm for you and damage you. * Please, see also dreams meanings of amputation, body, toothbrush, toothache, tooth extraction.... (read more)
  • Girder - Association: Sure support. Question: What can my higher consciousness do? General Meanings: In the dream you drag a heavy girder, this dream announces serious problems for the dreamer. Girders that lie at the feet denote obstacles in the way of life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Losses if see old and broken girder – In a dream you see an old and broken girder then this announces you loss because of your irresponsibility; Dishonesty if throw or give away – When you throw or give away girders, this dream shows that he/she tries to impose his own fault or other... (read more)
  • Break - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) damage if break something  – In a dream you broke something then this means that a defect will bring you a disadvantage; Illness if a link is broken – You notice that the link is broken then this may be a sign of a disease or you will have a painful loss; Lost money if break furniture – When you broke furniture in your dream, then this dream is a sign of loss of money; Death if broken mirror – The broken mirror in the dream indicates death.... (read more)
  • Vase - this may mean that a loose relation now can form into strong connection. Desire for love If the vase is empty, this indicates that you do not find requited love.You have to calm down and dream of the lover and only then the life will bring you this. Sexual life If you see a vase filled with flowers standing in front of you, that means that you have a healthy sex life. Separation If you break a vase full of flowers, you may possibly separate from your loved person. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level, the vase stands for the... (read more)
  • Champagne - with it all the time; Be more attentive if consume champagne – You have to beware of overabundance and extravagance in your life. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming drinking and toasting with champagne or sparkling wine – This symbol stands for happy event in dreamer’s life. In the real life people want to celebrate something very special with the glass of champagne. In the dream champagne indicates the desire to celebrate personal achievements, completed work or project. Also this dream announces good money incomes, wealth and better life. To open or to uncork a bottle of champagne in the dream – This... (read more)
  • Barometer - marks that it is not easy to avoid changes of life. We all have to accept this; Unpleasant things if see a broken barometer – You see that a barometer is broken in your dream, then this dream will bring you unexpected incidents and unpleasant news in your life; Changes if barometer falls and breaks into pieces – This dream denotes that you will have a sudden change in your own life, which will be even better to you. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if see a barometer – The dream of barometer announces that you will have troubles at home.... (read more)
  • Anchor - The dream symbol of an anchor which is articulated, signifies confidence, serenity and firmness. To see an anchor which was pulled suddenly and was broken, this indicates uncertainties, doubts and disappointments. In the dream you can not take out the anchor, this shows that the dreamer can not get rid of liabilities or prejudices. Psychological Meanings: Stay calm When an anchor appears in the dream, this denotes that the dreamer should stay calm and mentally strong in emotional situations. Balance The anchor may indicates personality, that you are firm, you have balance in your mind. The dreamer needs encouragement to... (read more)
  • Shaft - General Meanings: Shaft is associated with the advancement and progress of life. To see shaft them then this announces you success. The broken shaft announces failures. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if see shaft – In a dream shaft then this dream marks that you will have a possibility to make changes in your life in order to improve it; Failure if see broken shaft – Your plan will not be realized when you see that the shaft is broken. Hindu (Hinduism) Fulfillment of desires if see a shaft – The shaft in a dream denotes that you will achieve... (read more)
  • Flower pot - Psychologically: Perfection and growth – This is a symbol of cultured, delineated  will of the human nature.  Who often dreams plant pots, can understand it as an indication that he is customized and “cultured” person, as he would like to be. He prefers that his temperament would rather be “grow untrimmed”. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) Wealth If see flower pot – You dream that you see a flower pot, this announces you about material and essential advantages in your own home, which will improve your daily life; Happiness If broken – In the dream you noticed a broken flower pot, shows... (read more)
  • Epee (sword) - attentive because there is a danger near you; Fight with slander if fight with a sword – You are fighting with a sword against someone in your dream, then in your real life you will fight with gossip well; Damaged respect if epee is rusty – When the sward is rusty in the dream then this indicates about desecration of the honor. Hindu (Hinduism) Changes if see a sword – In the dream you see a sword then you may expect some changes in your life and this will not make any harm to you, because you will learn from it. Arabian (Islamic) Be... (read more)