Cashew nuts dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about cashew nuts may indicate repose, flame and familiar bosom friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung understanding such dreaming of cashew nuts symbolizes unregimented attitude, fertile sexual desire, ability and qualification.
Good transformations are awaiting in waking life : cashew nuts - Symbol of a dream shows dominance and being a pioneering person. Or else, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream might connote backwards signification: a person of great significance can be plausible and risky toward you.
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  • Tree - ...person. You will get your earns if shake walnut tree – Somebody dreams, he shakes a walnut-tree and collect nuts, will get his money from a miserly man with troubles and hard effort, which he has itself recently worked for and acquired; Treasure if find nuts – Find nuts somewhere without knowing how much there are, you will discover an old gold treasure; Money if find nuts and can count them – You know how much there are, you will gain gold as much as you see and experience good emotions; Inheritance if find wood of walnut-tree – Somebody finds wood... (read more)
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  • Walnut - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Don’t give up if see walnut – The dream marks that you shouldn’t give up when you meet obstacles in your life because only after hard work you will reach your goals and success; Failure if see a rotten walnut – The dream of rotten walnut marks that all your efforts will end in bitterness and a physical breakdown; Sorrow if break a walnut – The young woman in her dream breaks a walnut then this dream goes as a sign that she will sink into heartache because of her love. Hindu (Hinduism) Good person if... (read more)