Ed about chicken bones dream meanings

Enthusiastic changes are going on only when: ed about chicken bones - This generally portends advantage and being one step ahead of other. Differently, if it was bad dream then your dream could connote vice versa effect: a person of importance is being deceiving and/or treacherous toward your interests.
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Fortunate colors for this dream: green and yellow .
  • Elephant - ...force and energy with which you overcome barriers on the life where you are led by mind and logic. Ridicule – Elephant in the circus can warn about exaggerated vanity and craving for admiration, that lets easily reveal you to absurdity. Desire for happy life – Female elephant with little ones symbolizes that you long for a quiet, peaceful and harmonious family life. Psychological Meanings: Force and Power – Not only in reality but also in the dream the elephant is a pachyderm, who hardly knows about his destructive power. As a dream symbol it represents the power of the subconscious mind,... (read more)
  • Bird - ...if bird with beautiful, colorful plumage – Only by yourself you will make your life quite pleasant and wonderful; Troubles if kill a bird – In the dream you killed a bird then this dream indicates that you will get into unpleasant entanglements and worries; News if hear singing bird – You hear singing birds in your dream, then you will learn something good for yourself; Good children if be a handler – The positive meaning that you will educate your own children very well. * Please, see meaning of Eagle, Owl, Fly, Vulture, Chickens, Nest, Peacocks, Raven, Dove, Waterfowl etc.... (read more)
  • Egg - ...of your work; News If see a chicken lay – When you dream and see chicken and eggs, this promises good news; Prize If open and find chick – The dream tells about a big profit, particularly in the lottery; Happiness If see chicks hatching out – Points to a happy event in the family which brings an improvement of the situation; Losses If rotten – You will come to bad reputation which will cause loss of prosperity and respect; Injustice If throw rotten eggs to somebody – An injustice when you will be committed to make revenge; Dishonesty If... (read more)