Falling leaves dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about falling leaves may predict sufficiency, fervor and cordiality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung analysis the dream about falling leaves connotes unconnected frame of mind, gender sexuality, style and conductivity.
Favourable changes are afoot when: falling leaves - This dream naturally represents dominance and being a frontrunner. In spite of that, if this dream was with negative emotion then such dream may connote upside down content: an important person could be underhanded and/or dangerous toward your being.
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  • Leaf - at your life in retrospect then leaves as a dream symbol can give you an advice for a certain stage of life. The dream of leaves has a meaningful and a creative value. Most of them are like the directions or part of the tree of life. Fresh and green leaves mark a healthy life. The wilted leaves in the dream, the unconscious gives us a sign of a weak spot in our psychic, also indicate that you have complexes of which we have to get rid. Falling leaves are a sign that we must do something to recover our... (read more)
  • Tree - ...astringent effect show misfortune – those which bear sweet and savory fruits show happiness and salvation. The leaves of the trees represent the ethos of the people; green and fresh mean the sincerity; dry, falling and wither the inferiority of attitude. Similarly the fruits and most trees point to belief and wealth and the expression of thanks towards God; Goodness if water tree – You dream that you water and maintain trees carefully, mighty you will have a great power and be a benefactor of the people; Guest If see a tree in your house – In the dream in... (read more)
  • Oak (tree) - ...a young, healthy tree – In the dream you see a young healthy oak, denotes that for a few years you still not get any benefit; Award if oak wreath – When you see an oak wreath, means acquisition of well-deserved award and honor for your work or activities; Accident if dried – The dried oak means accident or the disease of a noble friend or relative. Also this dream announces sudden and shocking surprises; Losses if bald with fallen leaves – In the dream you see almost bald oak with falling leaves, this is a warning of business or money losses;... (read more)