Hole in tooth dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about hole in tooth might illustrate relief, fondness and regard.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Carl Jung explanation of the dream about hole in tooth omens autonomous motivation, womanhood sensuality, talent and talent.
Affirmative changes are happening in your life : hole in tooth - This announces influence and power over others. You are a person who runs ahead of other. Nonetheless, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream can omen contra spirit: a person of great significance is being designing and slippery in regard to your personage.
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  • Teeth (tooth) - Association: Independence & power, ability to nurture and communicate. Question: Where in my life I am afraid to be addicted? What do I want to say? General Meanings: Tooth indicates material and sexual needs. The exact meaning derives mainly from the following circumstances: Healthy teeth promises success and material gains. Poor, loose or falling out teeth warn of failures and losses. Dental seal on teeth urges not to displace problems, but to solve them right now. One tooth is pulled out, then you have to recon with financial difficulties or unfulfilled expectations. You pulled out teeth yourself, or you... (read more)
  • Toothpick - General Meanings: The dream of Toothpicks can promise a financial profit, but when you use it in the dream then this may be a sign of loss. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No worries if dream of toothpicks – The dream of toothpick indicates that the dreamer can easily get rid of an inconvenience and unpleasant news; Support if see toothpick – You are dreaming of toothpick then this promises financial relief and support; Financial worries if use toothpick – To use toothpick in a dream means that you will have to financial troubles which were caused by your friend; Hindu (Hinduism) Loss if... (read more)
  • Toothache - General Meanings: In the dream you have a toothache then this dream symbol indicates problems, that you should not let them to get into your life. If you act early, they can be resolved soon. Psychological Meanings: Inner rebuke Dream of toothache occurs very rarely when the dreamer really have it. Dreaming of toothache may go as a warning that we have done something wrong. Or something that our conscience can not agree with. Sometimes the tooth pain is nothing else just love sickness. Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Happiness if have toothache -In the dream you have a toothache then... (read more)
  • Toothbrush - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Clean up if see toothbrush – To see toothbrushes or to use toothbrush in the dream then this marks that you have to clean up your own affairs; Difficulties if broken toothbrush – In the dream you see a broken toothbrush then this goes as a sign that you will have difficulties to find the solution from unpleasant situation.... (read more)
  • Excavation - to light that you would like to bury. Spiritual Meanings: On a spiritual level, the dreamer is able to confront with his secret himself, if he desires dig up for more depth. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if dig a hole and come across a shining substance – This dream indicates that you will have a favorable turn in your life which may change it into better and more wonderful; Worries if dig and move into a dark hole – In the dream you dig a dark hole and then you move into it, then this dream denotes a great... (read more)
  • Ache, Aches - interpreter of dreams M. Ibn Sirin Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a pain by Muhammad Ibn Sirin Pain (Ache; Discomfort; Hurt) Dreaming of pain in general means regret and sorrow. Insult if toothache – Suffering from a toothache in a dream means hearing of painful words from a relative the particular tooth implies. Betray if neck pain – Neck pain in a dream indicates being ill-treated by friends. Neck pain in a dream also may symbolize that the dreamer has betrayed his covenant, or that he has denied a promise. Poor money if have shoulder ache – The shoulder... (read more)
  • Root - on a matter on the ground or to explore yourself more. – If roots is pulled out from ground: the dreamer would be exempt from pressures that torture him for a long time & He should never forget the true values ​​of his life and of his own principles. – Dreaming of tooth root (dental root; root of the tooth): warns against false hopes, disappointments and injuries. Psychologically: Your instincts are pushing more and upward into the light of knowledge. They circumscribe our hope that we will get our way in waking life. Who wants to dig a root in... (read more)
  • Drill - drill or someone else works, this dream marks that soon you will come with a joiner or a carpenter in business relationship; Disease if see a drill – In the dream you see a drill, then this announces you an long lasting illness because you are too exhausted; Illness if drill a hole in the floor – When you drill a hole in the floor, then this dream has only negative meaning which announces serious disease or even death of a relative, friend or other loved ones. Hindu (Hinduism) Remember friends if drill – To dream of drilling denotes that... (read more)
  • Hindu meaning for snake - in the Lithuanian. Nagi > Angi is the word for the Snake (Viper) in the Lithuanian language. Naga > Anga is the word for the Hole in Lithuanian language. Nagini > Angini > Agnini > Ugnini is the word for the something like fire (fiery) in Lithuanian language. Same is with Nagi > Agni > Ugni, means the fire in the Lithuanian. Nagi > Agni is the word in the Sanksrit for the fire. Ignis is the fire in the Latin. Here we have the word Ignite and Ignition which origin (etymology) can be seen in Agni, Ugni, Igni (Sankskrit,... (read more)
  • Tear out - in the dream symbolizes the desire for spiritual and material union. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Success if tear out and set free – In the dream you tear out something and successfully set free, then this dream marks that a risky business will succeed; No success if pull out and be caught – This dream denotes that all your efforts will be in vain, you will not reach your aims: Reaching aims if pull out a tooth – When you pull out a tooth in your dream, then this marks that only solid decision will lead to the goal.... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - become ill, profit will be lost, life will get hard, or faith will change, depending on the place where the drinking took place and the condition of the container. • Drinking hot water: Pain and sorrow. • A man drinking some delicious cold water from a hole in his robe: He is flirting with a woman other than his legitimate wife. • Using very hot water by day or by night: Will receive a blow from the authority. • Using very hot water at night: Will be frightened by a jinn. • Hot water being poured on the dreamer from... (read more)
  • Ant - chances of death. Illness If Crawling out – Dreaming how a lot of ants crawl out from the hole in his apartment, can be interpreted as an imminent disease. Recovery and Liberation If Seeing moving out – To see that ants leaving your home slowly in your dream, this means that you will recover after disease and will be set free from what you are afraid of; Worries If Seeing – When you see ants in the barn or shed, this can predict about distress and poverty, if you will not be tenacious. Riches If Seeing – In the dream... (read more)
  • Bucket - good luck and fortune. Muddy and dirty water in the bucket stands as a warning of grief and sorrow. The bucket with holes denotes that you will get bogged down in too many little things and therefore will not find real satisfaction in spite of all activities and efforts. Psychological Meanings: To dream of full bucket often indicates that you “will gain the wealth” and will give a lot. Spiritual Meanings: To carry a bucket in the dream always stands as a symbol of hard work which will be rewarded. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if see a bucket – In... (read more)
  • Ivory - and indicate the male aggressiveness. Spiritual Meanings: At the spiritual level ivory symbolize the feminine principle. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good life if get as a present – In the dream you get ivory, means that your friends and all who love you will depend on you, good health and happiness, prosperity, comfort; Luck if see ivory in a dream – You will have success at your work; Present if have ivory – Means that you will get unexpected gift from the loved one; Lost tooth if break ivory thing – In the dream you broke something made of ivory,... (read more)