Kissed by the dead dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of kissed by the dead can hint convenience, love and welcomeness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung analysis the dream about kissed by the dead connotes autonomous heart, dainty sex drive, accomplishment and bent.
Affirmative remodellings are happening in life only: kissed by the dead - This frequently reveals the opportunity to gain some benefit. You are a pioneering person. Despite that, if it was bad dream then such dream can augur upside down implication: a person of importance might be underhand and unreliable in regard to you.
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  • Kiss / Kissing - make love to that person or simply love him deeply; Great perspectives if kissing someone’s hands – to dream that you were kissing the hands of someone, means the opportunities you will have, which will bring great profits; Goodness if kissing the dead person you know – to dream of kissing the person that is dead and you know him as the one who already passed away, symbolizes the good you will receive from this person’s soul; Humiliation if kiss the ground/earth – the dream in which you kissed the ground suggest you to look after by whom you are... (read more)
  • Death - difficulties if see the unknown death – such a dream shows that you will be able to cope with harsh situations in your life; Suffer and agony if buried alive – to dream of your own death, where you were buried alive signifies to misery you will suffer; New message from relatives and friends if dream of those you knew that are already dead – to dream of your deceased relatives and friends, signifies something new you will find out; Sad news if touched or kissed a dead person – to dream of kissing or touching the person that is... (read more)