Kissing your best friend dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of kissing your best friend can mean relief, brotherly love and attachment.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's interpretation the dream about kissing your best friend signifies absolute fire, womanliness sexual desire, vision and faculty.
Encouraging adaptations are around : kissing your best friend - Symbol of a dream commonly announces power over others. You are a notch above the others. In different circumstances, if this dream was with negative emotion then a dream could prefigure upside down explanation: some person can be delusory and/or misleading toward your character.
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  • Kiss / Kissing - and love you have towards that particular person you were kissing in your dream. The dream could also show your hidden romantic feelings to this friend; Acceptance of suppressed aspects of your personality if kissed the stranger – such dream denotes to the final realization of who you are. Consider, that if you were kissed by the stranger, then such dream shows the new aspects in your personality you found you have; The desire to be the best if kissing the popular person/celebrity – if you were kissing the person that is known by mostly people and he/she is actor,... (read more)