Meaning of about sweeping dream meanings

Favourable transformations often are going on if: meaning of about sweeping - This often hints primacy and being a notch better than others. Else ways, if it was bad dream then a dream should stand for vice versa message: someone could be foxy and/or dangerous in relation to your person.
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  • Broom - for masculine and feminine witches and their sweeping skills. In the dream new brooms sweep well, they can point out that you are making the new idea, but you forgot the old one. Psychological Meanings: Sweeping the problems Broom is often associated with the broom-riding witch. This may be a dream symbol, which has an erotic significance. Mostly the broom appears in its real function, as a cleaning instrument and then means that the dreamer should solve a problem or settle a situation. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Luck if see broom – In the dream you see a broom announces lottery winnings... (read more)
  • Room - General Meanings: New areas of personality In your dream the discovery of a new room in your own home is an exciting and good symbol because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life. Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especially when doors and windows are closed in the room. Psychological Meanings: Part of dreamer’s life or personality Room is a part... (read more)