Shaving your beard dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming of shaving your beard can stand for sufficiency, enjoyment and response.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Jung's interpretation such dreaming of shaving your beard stands for self-ruling fire, feminine sensuality, creativity and cogency.
Good adjustments occasionally are awaiting : shaving your beard - This synbol of your dream normally symbolizes superiority and being one step ahead. On the other hand, if your dream has left bad feeling then a dream should body forth contra sense: somebody might be rascal and/or insecure toward your character.
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  • Beard - – the beard that has been trimmed or cut off, signifies the losses of the finances the dreamer had. Contexts’ Meanings: Look at yourself with the beard Usually the beard is the sign of masculinity, therefore the dreamer who was looking at himself with the beard, is willing to express his personality and show the power he has. For women, wearing beard indicates the ability to handle things without any help from others, especially from men; Shave the beard The fear of losing the masculinity and power, reflects in the dreams. The shaving beard is an act of removing men’s... (read more)