Miracles dream meanings


– Supernatural phenomenon.


– Where in my life I feel the perfection of my own being?

In general:

As a dream symbol of a cross-border it is in a dream normal and must be interpreted in exact relation to the actions in the dream.


In the dream all kinds of miracles is a bad sign. Things that do not happen in normal life can awaken only false hopes. Like the Superman dreams, they show an escape from reality. An exception are dreams of flying.


– To see miracles: you will experience big surprises very soon.

– To see miracles: you seem out of a serious delusion;
– Also to see miracle: dreamer will be very surprised by behavior of friend;

– Dreaming of miracle: suddenly will turn everything back to the good.

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  1. I dreamed a butterfly landed on me and on the wings it had 2 saints… One was St Martin and the other was the st child of atoch…. In the catholic religion both are known to be miracle saints… Not sure how to interpret this dream

  2. I dreamt about ‘i was along with my friend’moving across the mountain’on the way’we found dead bodies of black long snakes’was reali scared of my friends lay his body on them.. Too many dead bodies..m stil confused please help

  3. I dreamt about’a very strange’1st i was lookin 4da house of my friend’than after i found it’enter 2it’i found my friends sitting’watchin music show on tv.after few minutes da house move away,the wall side that s havin room dived nt tv’went through with us all 2 the opposite house’we jumped the street’movin along with the wall..in the air’

  4. Once upon a time i hard people shouting at night thief!thief.i was out nd i saw so many people runin to catch d thieves behold were 2 beautiful girls not knowin they were insane,so these 2 particular women were tryin to run away frm them,they ended up getin close to them immiedatly they started their madness then i started prayin, i used these words:He that dwelleth in the secret place of d most high shall abide under d shadow of d almighty.2 He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.3 No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.Then i started prayin seriously,i noticed an evil spirit comin out frm them imiedately they were saved with d 2 beautiful girls.then i heared my friend sayin why were u singin nd prayin i started narratin d story imiediatly i opened my eyes.