Office dream meanings

General Meanings:

Too many responsibilities The dream symbol of an office appears in the dream when the dreamer has too many obligations in his life and does not have free life and ability to self-development.

Desire to create and to reach high position In the dream you are an office owner indicates that you want to reach high position but you have to consider you abilities. To visit an office in the dream, this means that you want to achieve something by your own or with the help of others.

Psychological Meanings:

The need of partnership and recognition Everybody who visit an office in the dream denotes their desire to achieve something, to be accepted and recognizable. Perhaps you have ambitious ideas or plans and do not afraid to implement. Maybe you want a partnership if you will get into conflict situation this will help you to deal with worries and difficulties.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Restriction if have lots of office work – This dream indicates your limitations of you own freedom;
  • Irritation if accept to work – This dream will bring you annoyances in your life;
  • Warning if lose an office – The dream is a warning that there is a threat of loss of personal property;
  • No hopes if see an office buildings – This dream is not so positive, this shows that there aren’t any hopes to fulfill your desires.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Vexation if be in an office – In the dream you are in the office, this announces loss and anger in near future;
  • Do not waste your time if apply for an office –  In the dream you apply for an office position, this marks that you put too much efforts to not so important thing.

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