Old love dream meanings

General Meanings:

Back to known surrounding In the dream to see your old love, this denotes that you will come back to known activities and environment. Also this may indicate that you will get an offer to start something new from and old known person.

* Please, see meaning of love.

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  1. As a teen, I had this huge crush on this teen guy and really I felt I was in love with him. Although we were really close friends then and saw/talked to each other frequently…..however we never went on a date, but always conversed over the phone. After some time of losing contact with him, I met someone else, dated for 5 years, we were married for 26 yrs, however he passed away almost two years ago. About a year after my husband passed, the teen friend I had this huge crush on years earlier, we reconnected. My heart immediately fluttered upon seeing him for the first time again after all those years. So he’s aware I’m single and has my phone #, but he has not called me…we’ve talked several times since reconnecting, and I would like to just talk, catch up and maybe see if we have a connection to take things a little further. I constantly have dreams of being with him, but I don’t know if he’s interested in taking that route. I don’t want to appear forward and just ask him, because I don’t want to push him away. So what do I do?

  2. I also have dreams about my ex every night. we’ve been finish for over 2 years, i have dreams that im still going out with him i also have a 7year old son to him. Im with someone else and cant seem to stop dreaming about my ex. What can i do?

  3. Dreaming of my this ex(1st love) bf since the day we broke up (our relationship are only almost 6 months but we are in love and serious, we broke up because he is ill but he is still living now, I have known him a year before our relationship started). He still came into my dream after 8 years of breaking up, is few times in a year. I wanted to stop dreaming of him but I can’t control my dream… The dreams of him include cuddling together, spending time together in a relationship type, he watching me from a distance in car park, etc. (all the dreams has nothing to do with sex at all, no sex involved) in the dreams we might talk but conversation are not clear. The most recent dream, last week, we spend time together in a cottage house having a meal and then went out to have a walk (in my head which I know we are in a relationship) but at the same time in the dream I was thinking I will leave my present boyfriend to be with my this ex-boyfriend(1st love) and then the scene changed, a floods of strong water falling from a mountain(like a small tsunami/waterfall) like it is gonna wash me away then my ex-bf advised me to jump to the side of the road (the side of the road where he is) and so I looked back watched the small tsunami a while and then later I jumped to the side of the road just in time to escape the tsunami, after this I woke up. Well, in real life I do have a bf, I do think of leaving my real present bf because we are not a match not because of my ex-bf. I dream of my ex-boyfriend even when I am single. May be I do still love my ex but I also hate him because of all the pain, I am not even sure if I want to get back with my ex.

    Dreaming of him had tortured me many years, can anyone please help? at least tell me what does these dreams means? Thank you very much.

    • To be honest I am in the same situation of dreaming of my ex that my dreams are haumting me now that I cant get rest I personally think that you still love him and you cant let go rather take the time and go some place where it makes you happy and think of what you Truly want wish I could talk to you or write you a letter on this