Outlook (view) dream meanings

General Meanings:

View (place observation) usually offers a better overview. The ability to develop your view from a higher point.

  •  Clear view promises a favorable development for the near future.
  •  Wide view of a beautiful landscape may promise you more happiness and great success.
  •  The view is obscured by fog or smoke, you have to anticipate problems and failures in the near future.

Psychological Meanings:

The best chance and opportunity you have when you have a view of a high mountain, a tower or other tall buildings. The negative side of the good view could be interpreted that you look down to those who have less success with an arrogance.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Future if view – The view is usually the symbol of the near future.The clarity and the fog varies between the good and the bad in the future;
  • Joy if enjoy the outlook – When you enjoy the view and it is beautiful wide and clear, then this announces happiness and prosperity, good harvest and success;
  • Journey if have a view from a tower of a lot of mountains and valleys – You are looking at mountains or valleys then this dream will bring you a long voyage. You will get lots of experiences and positive emotions;
  • Trouble if view is poor and unclear, watching through fog and smoke – In the dream your view is unclear, then this dream marks that you will have serious problems.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Good future if outlook is far and clear – In the dream your view is clear then this is very positive sight which announces happy future, you clearly see your aims and plans;
  • Happiness if view is nice and wide – This dream will bring you happiness and prosperity, you will reach everything what you desire;
  • Uncertainty if limited outlook – In the dream you can not see something which disturbs you to see clearly, then this denotes about uncertain future and many obstacles in your life path;
  • Unpleasant events if dim view – This dream indicates that you will have sad experiences and you will need more time to recover after this, but don’t worry time heals all the pain.

* Please, see meaning of summit.

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