Pilgrimage dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Taking part in a pilgrimage in the dream means that in real life you wish to reach goals together with others, to become emotionally closer to each other.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Satisfaction if want to take pilgrimage – In your real life your intention is praiseworthy and will bring satisfaction when in the dream you want to take pilgrimage;
  • Reaching goals if participate in pilgrimage – To dream of participate in the pilgrimage then this symbol   promises that you will achieve your desire through perseverance and selflessness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if see pilgrimage – The dream of pilgrimage denotes that all your efforts will be rewarded with fulfillment of desires and success;
  • Good decision if take a part in the pilgrimage – When you take a part in the pilgrimage in your dream, then this dream shows that you will make good actions or decisions instead of wrong.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • No pain if watch or participate in the pilgrimage – The dream denotes that your religious sense will help you to heal from suffering caused by negative events;
  • Do good thing if see pilgrims – The dream indicates that you have implement your good intentions as soon as possible, because this may change lots of people’s life.

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