Red car dream meanings

Positive rearrangements are ahead in life when: red car - It hints superiority and being an innovator. But, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream may connote vice versa message: a person of authority could be disingenuous or unsafe in relation to your interests.
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  • Hair - in the best state of mental and physical wellness; Respect if the hair is brown – In the dream to have brown hair means that everyone is going to enjoy your company or actions you do. You’ve got respect from those around you. If the dreamer sees someone else with brown hair – this person with brown hair have now or will have big authority; Enemies or sexual desires if the hair is red – the dream suggest to be careful with people you are in contact. Otherwise, the dream could represent hidden sexual wishes, which are not fulfilled; Frivolity... (read more)
  • Injury / hurt - ...hurt by the person you love; Unpleasant events if suffer from physical hurt – in the dream you suffer from physical hurt, signifies that an unhappy event will soon sadden and annoy you; Warning if somebody is injured – You dream that you see somebody injured, this is a warning, you should be extremely careful in dealing with people.Be careful with devices or equipment; Revenge if you hurt someone by insulting – In the dream you insult somebody and this hurts him deeply, this shows that you do menial work, and now you will take a revenge and hurt others;... (read more)
  • Dog - ...actions. More dogs – more doubts. If others were chased in the dream, then it means that risky persons around you. Being able to run away from dog or dogs means hope and possible bright future; Play means victory – In the dream to play with your dog or to see happy and playful dogs means that you will overcome your opponents. If someone else is playing with dog, he will be lucky too. If this person isn’t friendly with you, then this dream is a message to be more patient and careful in order to overcome your enemies; Chain or... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - ...water in a dream means conceiving a child, or that he will receive benefits from his wife. In this sense, glass in a dream represent the substance of a woman and water represents a fetus. ggg Drinking hot water in a dream means distress and adversities. If one is pushed into a pond or a river of clear water in a dream, it means receiving a pleasant surprise. ggg Seeing oneself submerged in a body of water in a dream means facing a trial, distress, bewilderment and adversities. Carrying a jar of clear water in a dream means receiving an... (read more)
  • Wine - ...the spring and autumn, sweet fruit of the grape, right treatment of grape wine, its transformation into the fermentation process, the careful storage in the dark coolness – this whole path is a way to make a cultural drink. Psychological Meanings: Happiness and life force In dreams wine can be a symbol for a happy and cheerful occasion. It affects the consciousness and perception. Therefore, a wine cellar indicates all the previous experiences – good and bad. If wine plays an active role in the dream, this is a sign of vitality and life force, as well as imagination, richness of thought and sense pleasures of... (read more)
  • Beard - ...beard – the one who sees the beard will receive the great growth at the job he is doing; Warning if cut the beard – the one that cuts the beard is forewarned to be careful and do not make fun of other people; Will be honored if gray beard – the one who dreams of seeing or having a beard that is gray, will be rewarded for his knowledge of things; False friends if red beard – the color of the beard, which is red, indicates the unreal and false relationships the one might get into; Behave yourself if... (read more)
  • Letter - General Meanings: In a dream it is important how one reacts to the mail or a letter. The reaction may be that one has taken it with the deep breath, frustrated or even with anxiety. How one opened the letter in the dream, the reaction already describes: If you take a letter hastily or carefully, or did one put it first aside and did not want to open it for this moment at all? The dream has something in life that needs attention. If he puts a letter aside, this means that the dreamer feels that his problems do... (read more)
  • Aster - ...aster – When you see white asters in your dream, then this dream announces that you will hear in the near future of a death in your family; Inness if black asters in full bloom – This dream signifies about a disease a closed; Happiness if see colorful asters – In the dream you see many colorful asters then this dream is very  positive, this will bring you success or joy in your life; Love if red asters – The red aster as a dream symbol stands for love. The love will bring you happiness; Wisdom if blue asters –... (read more)
  • Nose - Association: The instincts and knowing. Question: What do I know only depending on the senses? How nosy I am? General Meanings: Positive meanings: Honor and prosperity in ancient Indian explanation if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others; Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, the bigger sexual desires the dreamer has. Negative meanings: Nose as the symbol of curiosity – the one who is too curious... (read more)
  • Slander - ...silly mistakes. Hindu (Hinduism) Worries if be slandered – You became one of the slander victim, you were slandered in your dream, this announces that you will have big grief and troubles caused by other people in near future. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if be slandered – In the dream you are slandered, this dream marks that there are some people who wants to make harm for you and to destroy all your plans. You have to be patient because they want to make you angry and careless in order to make mistakes. * Please, see meaning of enemy, defamation.... (read more)
  • Monkey - ...reminder to the man, though he differs by his spirit from the animal, but he is just physically mortal. Sexual problems and Lack of deeper feelings To interpret a dream in which a monkey occurs, you must pay attention to the story of the monkey. The action can refer to sexual problems: For example, if the monkey appears as a sexual symbol, this can mean that an erotic connection lacks of emotional depth. Longing for childhood and Impersonation of others Playful monkey is swinging from branch to branch, the dreamer longs (often unconsciously) for the carelessness of his childhood. This is a frequent... (read more)
  • Traffic light - General Meanings: Solving problems and confusion Anyone who dreams of a green glowing traffic light, may hope that soon the light will come to him/her, so that he/she can make a problem or a difficult work to a good end. The traffic light is red, then may be there is something in the head, which could indicate a pathological condition. Psychological Meanings: It is equally a symbol of the movement and order (law). The green light – This symbol stands for encouragement. The red light – Prompt to stop, to wait – just like in “real life”! The yellow light – You have to wait and think. All lights... (read more)
  • Arm - ...good opportunities to present yourself with the help of friend. Hindu (Hinduism) Challenge if see an arm – This dream shows challenges in your life; Helplessness if injured arm – In the dream you see that your arm is injured, signifies inability to take care of yourself; Strength if see right arm – The right arm in the dream, shows that you are strong and perspective to reach your goals; Sensitivity if left arm – The left arm shows the sensibility and appreciation. Arabian (Islamic) Bad luck if arms broken or cold – Dreaming someone whose arms are broken or cold... (read more)
  • Animals - ...for a dreamer to see a frog in his dream means changes or transformations. Everyone knows the fairy tale about the frog becoming the prince, therefore in dreams it might also represent important changes within you or those you are surrounded by. Alternatively, the frog may indicate dirtiness or fertility. Fox – not only in dreams, but in reality too the fox is known for it’s cleverness, hypocrisy and attention to details. In dreams the fox may indicate you – how smart and careful you are or that you should be more indulgent with some people and do not judge... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - ...The king’s ring in a dream represents his kingdom and power. Cutting off a tight ring with a pair of pliers in a dream means the end to one’s authority. Any incrustations on one’s ring in a dream represent his goals. If the gemstone of one’s ring falls in a dream, it may mean the death of his child, or the loss of his business. A broken ring in a dream means divorce. Wearing a ring made of iron in a dream means that one will receive benefits though with great strain on him. Wearing a golden ring carrying a... (read more)
  • Afraid - a possibility that your friends, family or colleagues will have some failures and you will have to help them. It seems that those people need you to give them a hand and you should be delighted of it. Sometimes we ought to help as you never know when you will be the one who needs it either. Try to pay more attention to people that you care of and look for after them. Context Meanings: Afraid of Heights Acrophobia If being afraid of heights – The dream about fear of heights can be induced by acrophobia from waking life.... (read more)
  • Band - be seen or lug around: it has far too heavy financial obligations, debts are incurred; – blue: faithful love; – green: good hopes; – red: fun; – black: mourning; – white: pure love; – ribbons fluttering in the costume of a person: happy and have good friends; – dreaming a young woman as she is adorned with ribbons, she gets the hoped-for marriage proposal, from carelessness, but it makes a mistake. – Does she wear girls, the bands, which stands for rivals in their efforts to find a husband. – Buy tapes: they will lead a comfortable and good... (read more)
  • Thread - ...dream warns that you should be careful in business matters; Ruining relations if tear up a thread – This dream shows that you’re ruining your connection with other people; Damage if see a black thread – This dream announces that soon you will have calamity; Happy love if seeing red thread – This dream announces you Luck in love. Contexts’ Meanings: To dream a thread in color – In the dream you see a thread in different color. The black thread announces you worries and troubles in your life. The red thread will bring you love , passion and happy... (read more)
  • Being invisible (invisibility) - ...difficult situations or problems. Contexts’ Meanings: Dreaming and seeing somebody invisible – This dream symbol shows that you have undone affairs, worries with that person which you see in the dream. You feel that he/she doesn’t pay much attention to you, you need that he/she notices you as a good trustful person. You think carefully of that person’s aspects and you miss some of them in him and want to develop them yourself. Hearing the voice of invisible person (man, woman etc.) –  This may be your conscience which leads you all the time and helps you to choose the right way. The... (read more)
  • Painting - if bright red –  This dream indicates that soon you will have a reason to rejoice and to be happy. Arabian (Islamic) Experience if bright color paint – To dream a painting with bright colors, this means that you will have very useful experiences; Disease if painting with black color – This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health because you will have very serious illness; New start if panting with white paint – You will have events, which will change your life. You can start your life from the new beginning. * Please, see meaning of colors, paint.... (read more)
  • Breast - Association: – Chest: fullness of life; Generosity. Female: nourish; Female sexuality; Maternal love. Question: – Chest: What kind of experiences do I want to savor fully? – Female: What do I feed? Which part of me wants to be loved? General Meanings: Need of Mother’s love – It is assumed that this part of the body is mostly common dream; The breasts of a woman, are the symbol of food and motherly love. If a man dreams of mother’s breasts, this represents his unconscious longing for his mother or care. Need for security and care – Breast often indicates that... (read more)
  • Face - ...ugly face – This dream symbol wants to warn you to be careful; Secret if face is covered – In the dream you see a covered face, marks that something is hidden from you; Get rid of bad things if washing face – In the dream you are washing your face, this indicates that you need to clean up some bad things from your life; Shame if a laughing face – The laughing face in the dream announces you dishonor. Hindu (Hinduism) Attention if see your face in the mirror – This dream wants to pay your attention to be... (read more)
  • Ambulance - ...your conscious does not deal with worries or situation that you have now. Also this is a sign to take care of your health. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Help from others if see an ambulance – This dream shows that you will get help and support. Also fast fulfillment of your desires; Bad luck if an ambulance with flashing lights – In the dream you see an ambulance with flashing lights somewhere near you, this is omen of misfortune; Heal yourself if someone is hit by an ambulance – Your inner feelings are broken or hurt, you have to heal them; Disease... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...or want to draw attention to the unconscious side of the dreamer. If it is a very deep river, then the dreamer should give more attention to the world that surrounds him, and his relationships. A river crossing – promises big changes. If the river is scary, the dreamer might be going to create unnecessary difficulties; If the river poisoned, the dreamer should stop and do nothing for a while, this is for the best; Diving is to go down into the unconscious, or rediscover the trial, the parts of self that have been suppressed. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The state... (read more)
  • Thumb - General Meanings: Thumb often symbolizes elementary creativity, energy and powers of self-assertion – this announces that you will have a trouble free life and carefree lifestyle in the near future. Agility and energy Freud refers this as a symbol of sexual urge, paraphrase this probably more to creativity, the artistic talents of the people, because the thumb for a hand, gives skill and agility. The thumb is too short in the dream, shows that you are not too artistic and have too little energy to seize things correctly. Psychological Meanings: Satisfaction or dissatisfaction of  productivity The women’s dream of a thumb is of... (read more)
  • Abscess - ...will have worries because of authority; Be careful with your wealth if someone has been infected by the plague – This dream shows that the wealth which was concealed will come to light. You can not hide this anymore and false friends try to use you; Richness if light rash – The dreamer has his body covered with light-colored rash, means that he will extent his property; Worries if rash is dark – This dream announces that with the property that you have you will get into serious trouble; Money if swollen – This dream will bring you a lot of money.... (read more)
  • Bricks - Association: The strength. Question: What do I want to build as permanent structure? General Meanings: Secure life Brick is a building block for a secure livelihood. The ancient Indian dream book explains that to brick up walls means, that you have to be more careful with money spending. Roof tiles stands for safety and you can feel safe. Psychological Meanings: Creation of life A house is built of bricks and covered with a roof. This dream symbol may have an association with our body. In the dream you build something with bricks then this means that you will have personal... (read more)