Pliers dream meanings

General Meanings:

Unpleasant period Pliers symbolizes a predicament from which one you will have some difficulties to free. In the dream to be pinched with pliers, then this points to financial difficulties and some losses.

Psychological Meanings:

Who handles with pliers in a dream then this indicates that the dreamer will deal and get rid of enemies and their damage.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Bad period if see pliers – Pliers in the dream indicates a dangerous predicament of moral nature, warning of fights and disputes;
  • Anxiety if see or work with pliers – The dreamer will get into a nasty crunch, and during this period you will be tempted by someone to violent anger;
  • Fatigue if hurt with pliers on your own flesh – The dream may be a sign that you will get a tiresome duties;

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Bad period if see pliers – The dream marks that bad people want to harm you, also you will undermine your happiness;
  • Support if work with pliers – You are working with pliers in the dream then this means that you will get help in distress and unpleasant situation;
  • Danger if try to reach with pliers – To try to access something with pliers in the you dream, then this means that you will be tempted to anger.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if have pliers – To have pliers in your hand in your dream, then the dream wants to warn you that enemies will try to assault you or your family;
  • making troubles if handle with pliers – The dream explains that by your reckless and willful conduct, you will bring worry and cause difficulties for other people.

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