Prom dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Ready to integrate into public and society The prom is a social event. The dreamer is introduced into society. This dream symbol refers to the integration into society and social conventions. Also the dream symbol of prom shows that you have learned a particular physical and social skill with which you are now able to go public. In rare cases the prom as a dream symbol has even an erotic dancing or sexual meaning.

Longing for youth This vision can be directed to the youth, the first falling in love and the current longing for romantic feelings and for a harmonious connection of love.

* Please, see meaning of dance.

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    • LOL! Ako rin eh DAPAT siya ung First Dance ko, kaso tinanggihan ko siya, tas nung may nagsabi sa kanya na isayaw niya daw ako ang sagot ba naman niya “Dapat nga siya ung First Dance ko eh, kaso tinanggihan ako” Sabi niya while staring at me. Ilang beses niya rin ako inaya nun eh tas pag may nagsasayaw sakin inaantay niya na matapos kami sa pagsasayaw :((