Quails dream meanings

General Meanings:

The dream of quails announces bad news in near future, also some unpleasant events and risky decisions. Quails also indicates the negative emotion which the dreamer has especially of woman, so it is aggressively quarrelsome.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Love if see quail – In the dream you see a quail then this dream announces good news in love, also happy family;
  • Negative emotions if shoot quail – When you shot a quail in the dream, then you may show negative feelings for friends because of their wrong and inappropriate behavior;
  • Warning if see killed quail – The killed quail as a dream symbol stands a warning of danger;
  • Luxury life if eat quail for food – When you eat quail for food, then this is a sign of an extravagant lifestyle.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • News if see quail – In the dream you see quail then you may expect bad and unpleasant news;
  • Fulfillment if hear quail – You hear quail and then see it, then this dream marks that all you wises come true;
  • Luxury if eating quail – You enjoy the meal of quail, then this dream indicates that you adore luxuriant life style;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Journey if see or hear quail – When you see quail in your dream, then you may expect a pleasant trip;
  • Money if hunt or catch quail – You are hunting quail in the dream, so this dream announces you profitable business.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Family, wild bird.


Quails are a large family in the genus. In general, they are small, clumsy birds that spend more time on the ground than in the air. In the wild you see a female which chick who follow one by one.

General Meaning

The meaning of family, which can be harassed and become an easy prey.


Fat Quail – derogatory term for a stout woman.

Transcendent Meaning

Deep understanding about your original or your self-selected family.
* Please, see meaning of Northern bobwhite, birds .

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