Raccoon dream meanings

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


Clean, survivalists, smart, thief, bandit, clown, wantonly, tricky, masked, humor, survival, cleaning, northern soul path.


The raccoon is brought in the outer position of the northern soul path with the connection of cleaning. The raccoon is also a survivor. Because of his masked face many of us consider him as a thief, but in generally, he gets only what most people describe as a waste. Raccoon are able to trick people in many situations.

General Meaning

The clever, humorous aspect of yourself. A part of you that is not afraid to take what you want.

Transcendent Meaning

Gift of the cleaning; Understanding before adaptability.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if see raccoon – The raccoon in the dream warns you about false friends who wants to cheat on you and to make damage.

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  1. In my dream I was walking and I was carrying the raccoon the animal was good in my hand but I didn’t won’t it to come in my house so I put it down and went in the house, I had to double lock my door because the raccoon was hitting the door to come in when I lock the door the raccoon unlock the door I had to stand at the door and hold the lock for him to stop unlocking it. Somebody e-mail me what that really mean.