What number to play when rat dream meanings

Affirmative conversions mostly are happening only when: what number to play when rat - Symbol of a dream indicates advantage and being a vanguard. Or then, if the dream was more like nightmare then a dream can show backwards essence: someone should be untrustworthy or dangerous toward your person.
Lucky numbers for this week: 5 winning numbers - 55, 14, 89, 19, 5; 2 extra numbers - 38, 7.
Fortunate colors for this dream: white and green .
  • Numbers - ATTENTION: If you notice numbers in a dream, so you should try to play in a lottery. These numbers should bring a good luck. Those who want to save time and see symbolism immediately, should use shortcuts and jump directly to numbers: Zero 0, One 1, Two 2, Three 3, Four 4, 5, Six 6, Seven 7, Eight 8, Nine 9, Ten 10, Eleven 11, Twelve 12, Thirteen 13. For better understanding of dream about exact number, one also should look in dedicated page for detailed number’s interpretation, which is listed here under numbers theme in this dictionary. General Meanings: If the subject of the dream is pointed to numbers, then they... (read more)
  • Dog - Who does same for me? General Meanings: Joy or loyalty and love – The interpretation of the dream about dog depends on what the dreamer knows about the dog. Dog can be as a symbol of happiness and joy, if the dreamer knows dog as the pet from his childhood. In this case very often dog stands for happy memories and playful experiences. Otherwise, the meaning of the dog refers to what is known for a man and symbolizes the possibility of the loyalty and unconditional love. Quality of the dreamer – If in the dream about dog, the dreamer... (read more)
  • One (number 1) - Association: Beginning; Unit; Essence; Will of the individual. Question: Who am I? General Meanings: Success One as a dream symbol may promise success and happiness for the dreamer. If one sees himself in connection with number one, then he will come in an important affair and will become a winner. Beginning Number One is the original, undivided unity which represents the beginning (possibly of the love, an affection, a friendship and also a work or an enterprise). But it can also stand for the loner who has to struggle through the world. Psychological Meanings: One is the first number, all the others go... (read more)
  • Three (number 3) - Association: Trinity, balance of opposites; sociability. Question: How to connect the opposites that are inside me? In general: The three since the immemorial time is as a magic number.  In the dream,  three has the symbolic meaning of spirit and creative power. But also in the various religions the three has a great importance.  For example, of the Holy Trinity and in the Hindu religion Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are a divine trinity. Psychologically: Three as a number may indicate opposites and contradictions that are united to create something new at a higher level , which brings happiness, satisfaction and success.... (read more)
  • Baccarat (card game) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Get rid of bad feature if play Baccarat – In the dream you play baccarat game, shows that your incorrigible recklessness, has to be removed first of all in order to make better life. Hindu (Hinduism) Need to grow up if play baccarat – You are playing baccarat in the dream shows that you are irresponsible person and you need to mature. Arabian (Islamic) Wrong behavior if play baccarat – The dreams gives you a sign that you act really wrong in your life and this will bring you sadness for your family. * Please,... (read more)
  • Ball - Association: Ball – integration, wholeness. Ball game – integration of individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition. Question: Ball – Which parts of me do I join together? Ball game – What would I like to share? To which group do I add myself? General Meanings: A ball as a dream symbol stands for playful, childlike side of the dreamer, also shows his need to express himself freely. To follow a ball in the dream points the need for freedom and refers to the ostentatiously attractive side of the personality. Depending on what happens with the ball, has the following... (read more)
  • Violin - gained honor and receives lavish gifts; Loss if playing violin badly – She does not play the violin very good in your dream, then you will lose your advantage and property. Hindu (Hinduism) Joy if see playing violin – You are playing violin in the dream, then you will have a happy household and family members; Feast if listen playing violin – You are listening playing violin, then this indicates that you will visit celebration. Arabian (Islamic) Happiness if see or hear playing violin – You hear playing violin in your dream, then you’re going to have a good and joyful time; Too arrogant if playing violin – You are... (read more)
  • Bureaucrat - warns you of defamation and fraud. You have an ability to avoid this; Good sign if talk with a bureaucrat– In the dream to talk with a bureaucrat marks that despite gloomy prospects you will be lucky and you will probably avoid unnecessary troubles and disputes. Arabian (Islamic) Comfortable life if be a bureaucrat – When you are a bureaucrat then this very good omen, this signifies that you’re making yourself comfortable in everything; Disappointment if see a bureaucrat – In the dream you see a bureaucrat then this dream denotes that you will have chagrin because of others.... (read more)
  • Accordion - General Meanings: The wish to have social satisfaction The accordion is a folk instrument – in dream it illustrates social gaiety and happiness, exuberance and the desire for it. Lack of freedom to act freely However, it can warn against a superficiality and lack of restrain or carelessness, frivolity. It should be noted, what is played on the accordion or by whom it is played. These symbols are also very important in a dream and have additional meanings. Psychological Meanings: Pleasure and better life To hear playing accordion in a dream, indicates that you will participate in entertainment which you’ll... (read more)
  • Four (number 4) - the four points of the compass, and the four phases of the moon. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Trust yourself if you see number 4 – You are dreaming that you see number four (4), then this dream marks that you have to be sure about your decision and do not change them. It comes to good results. Hindu (Hinduism) Stability if number four is written – Number four (4) appears in your dream then this means that you are on the right way, follow your dreams and inner feelings. Arabian (Islamic) Reward if you write it – In the dream you write... (read more)
  • Two (number 2) - Number Two symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 2 in dream: Two shares in opposites like good and evil, light and dark, inside and outside, brings contradictions in own personality, and calls on learning to live with it and constantly to seek compensation; Spiritual Meaning of Two: Duality, indecision, balance, male and female, two sides of the debate. Characteristics of Two: serenity, sincerity, selflessness, social life, harmony. indecisiveness, indifference, irresponsibility, being stubborn. Practical Significance of Two: business or personal relationships must be treated with caution; Association: Duality, opposition, balance and partnership. Question: How do I join in relationship? Psychological Meanings: In the... (read more)
  • Five (number 5) - Association: – Quintessence; change; celebration. Question: – What can I display in me? What abilities do I have? General Meanings: Success – If number five (5) appears in the dream, the success is not so far. All your skills which you develop can bring you luck.You have to trust yourself and your potency. Nature gift – Five is the number of natural, fresh life. Everything comes from you as a nature gift which you have inside you. You should trust your inner feelings. The person has five senses and shaped with stretched arms and legs as a pentagon. That’s... (read more)
  • Bagpipes - Psychological Meanings: Bagpipes usually is played by a man in a kilt, so he is a symbol of androgyny and possibly indication of unacknowledged homosexual inclination. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Chance if see bagpipes playing – In your dream you see playing bagpipes then this dream marks that you have an opportunity to reach your aims; Derision if play bagpipes – You are playing yourself a bagpipes in your dream, then this dream promises that you will be ridiculed by your friends. News if listen playing bagpipes – In the dream you are listening to bagpipes then you may get unexpected joyful news. Arabian (Islamic)... (read more)
  • Lottery - Association: Chance, fortune, risk. Question: Can I achieve a lot, if I put just a little bit of the effort? General Meanings: If you dreamed that you bought a lottery ticket or a raffle ticket, then something in your life is out of control. The other meaning foretells that the consequences are not always accurate to the actions you take, which means that sometimes you get completely different of what you’ve expected. Sometimes the dream might show the desire to be lucky, which means that you wish the things get fixed by itself. Occasionally people dream of particular numbers,... (read more)
  • Dice (Cube) - In general: To dream that you play with dice means that in awaking life you play with fate or to perceive opportunities in life, previously necessarily careful should be reconsidered. Dice (or cubes) by old dream book announces bright future full of happiness. Psychologically: The dice has a square shape and is therefore, understood as the square itself, as a whole symbol. The number four, for the shape of the square plays a role, depicts the female power in man, which he often is not aware of. The dice (cube) is a spatially extended square. Thus, the properties of... (read more)
  • Zither - General Meanings: The sign of love Zither as a dream symbol is a herald of harmonious relationship in love. In the dream you are playing zither yourself then in near future you may expect heartache. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love if see and hear zither – In the dream you hear or see zither then this is a sign of love, the new love story is coming to you; Stress if broken zither – When you see zither with broken strings in your dream, then the significance of this dream is tribulation and distress; Reaching aims if play zither – You... (read more)
  • Ten (number 10) - Association: Start at a higher level. Question: What have I learned? Psychological Meanings: The new phase and better position of life Number ten (10) includes the numbers from one to nine. Among other things it has to be understood as a whole symbol. As a dream symbol 10 (ten) means a new beginning. Thus a new phase of life or a new stage of development. This figure with the one behind it and the “host” zero seems to indicate loneliness. But it has the meaning of property and increase, which can be reached only by your own power. *... (read more)
  • Eight (number 8) - Association: Eternity, Abundance, Cosmic consciousness. Question: What am I ready to receive? General Meanings: Wholeness  and Warning  The eight is a symbol of wholeness. Thus, for example, , the scale has eight sounds as an octave and in the Indian religion called the eight-fold way of Buddha. In the dream the eight points out to completeness. Only very rarely it means that there are no other options or possibilities. This number often has the sense of “Be careful”, “Warning”, but this can be interpreted mostly positively. It represents law and justice, cause and effect. The horizontal set “8” is the... (read more)
  • Eleven (number 11) - Association: Inspiration; revolution; equivalent to the number two at a higher level. Question: What do I want and ready to change? General Meanings: Relation This number can mean work and trouble, a difficult beginning. But the two ones sometimes also indicate the cohesion between two people who do not understand their relations. Also the eleven signifies partnership or balance in the relations. High personality Eleven indicates mastery, ability to deal and achieve goals. The symbol stands for personal creativity and intuition. Spiritual Meanings: The spiritual meaning of eleven is very various. The double of two ones – double strength,... (read more)
  • 100 (number one hundred) - 100 Number One Hundred Symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 100 in a dream: One hundred symbolizes the creation of self from the chaotic beginning and nothingness. Specifically this number shows the dreamer’s achievements. 100 stands for individuality and intellectual independence due self-knowledge. One hundred also means complete wholeness of the dreamer, because of his ability to meditate and to reach inner peace. Spiritual Meaning of One Hundred: femininity over masculinity, the final stage of the first unit, the discovery of absolute and completely hidden; Characteristics of One: independence, self-respect, resolution of the unconscious, determination of secrets; Practical... (read more)
  • Muskrat - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Reaching your aims if dream muskrat -The dream of Muskrat marks that your praise will come to light and you will reach everything what you desire.... (read more)
  • Number One - If your dream is about number 1, it means the state of being superior to all others around in status. You are scouting first all unknown paths. Something grand is coming into your life. If currently you have important goal in life, so you should reach success with this new project. It will bring more happiness than you can imagine. Additionally, dreaming about one of something represents the process of operating the important capability which is common in the symbolism of this particular thing. One cat means solitude and freedom. One lion means kingship and authority. One snake means... (read more)
  • Billiard - General Meanings: Be vigilant The dream about billiard symbolizes the constant ups and downs in your life, the change of joy and sorrow, success and misfortune. You may consider that this dream stands as a warning not to rely too much on luck, but try harder to make life non independent from these circumstances. Use your talents If you are a good billiard player in the dream, then this shows that you have to use skill and talents, probably this goes as a symbol of fate that needs to be used. Psychological Meanings: Use plan and strategy Billiard is... (read more)
  • Ace, Aces (playing cards) - General Meanings: Perspective person When you are dreaming of an ace, this dream represents how patience, smart and strong you are as a person. Lost respect This dream might also represent someone who is very important to you, but for some reason you lost the honor, which this elder person felt for you before. Envy If a woman has this dream, this may be a sign that someone is jealous with your new relationships, maybe old girlfriend or someone, who likes this man. Important and perspective changes In the dream playing cards and have ace or aces in hand, so this is an indication of a... (read more)
  • Double bass - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Promotion if see playing double bass – This dream is very positive because you may soon receive a promotion opportunity for your career. This may change your life even to better; Pleasant news if watch or play double bass – In the dream you are watching or even playing double bass, then you will have a happy surprise in near future; Joy if listen to nice playing – When you are listening to a double bass playing, then you will have a happy and joyful time in your life; Use help if hear sad playing of... (read more)
  • Aristocrat - Psychological Meanings: Desire of status To dream blue-blooded lords in a representative environment, this dream exactly shows what the dreamer is really missing: social superiority, respect from others, status. This dream release your own values such as exaggerated desires and illusions.... (read more)
  • Thirteen - General Meanings: 13 (thirteen) is number which goes first after the original numbers 1 to 12. This number symbolizes “death” or “end” of something in your life. But after this will come the rebirth and the new period of life. Psychological Meanings: Number thirteen in the dream is the secret symbol of the wisdom which gives you an ability to pure yourself from unnecessary contest. * Please, see meaning of numbers.... (read more)
  • Monkey - dream of people, who in their own words said that he had ” to became an adult to early “. The dream symbol of the monkey can simply mean that the dreamer has propensity “to ape” and also to imitate others. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Deception if see a monkey – This dream shows that sycophant tries to deceive you, they will give you undeserved faith; Superficial friends if monkey plays with you or makes grimaces – Monkey plays or makes grimaces, this signifies that you have superficial friends around you. It is rather an instinct to stick people around you; Disappointment if... (read more)
  • Lady checkers - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good company if see board of checkers – In a dream you see a board of checkers with figures, then this dream marks that you will be in merry company and will have wonderful time; Damage if play checkers – In the dream you are playing checkers, then this dream indicates that you will  have various success in business. But the negative meaning of this dream shows serious trouble and harm because of a stranger who will come to your life; Success if win checkers with the lady – The dream marks that your dubious business will have success. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if play checkers... (read more)
  • Dominoes (domino) - your affairs with women and other things; Sorrow if play and win -You admire of unbridled and extravagant people. Your selfish pleasures, will bring sorrow for your relatives. Hindu (Hinduism) Reticence If play – Means that you are not excited when people ask you something. Arabian (Islamic) Damage if clothes In your dream you wear clothes with domino structure announces harm, because you act wrongly; Suffering because of secret if see – The dream says that the secret that you know will torment you; Irritation if play (known game) – Some people will tease you because of their stupid thoughts.... (read more)
  • Add - General Meanings: Worries You think about an addition, you will have to struggle and to cope with difficult situations. These will emerge soon threateningly noticeably in your business or at work. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Long life if add together numbers – this dream announces that you will reach great age; Enemies if find a mistake in an addition –  You will overcome enemies, because you recognize their intentions, before they implement these into action; Safe from worries if add with a calculator – In the dream you use a calculator, this announces that a powerful ally will retain you... (read more)