Rise up dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to reach high position Such a dream is the view to the future, the dreamer’s desire to improve himself spiritually and materially. In the dream to climb onto the roof signifies the desire to achieve aims and goals in personal life. To climb and to rise up the mountains denotes the ability to achieve a higher level of life with some efforts. The mountain in the dream is very steep marks that you may meet some difficulties in your life. But you have to work harder and to use all your strength in order to succeed.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if easily rise up to the mountain, stairs, slope – This dream signifies that you will reach the destination safely. You will set up very successful business which will make your life better and will make your life more interesting;
  • Lots of efforts if climb a mountain, stairs or slope with great effort – In the dream you put lots of efforts while you are reaching the mountain or the stairs, this means that you will be rewarded only after overcoming and dealing with many difficulties;
  • Longing for love if climb up with a lover – To climb along with the romantic partner a steep mountain peaks in your dream, this marks that the dreamer is longing for sexual climaxes and romantic evenings;
  • Success if rise up somewhere on a white horse – In the dream you climb up or rise up somewhere, this announces you happiness and success in near future;
  • Fortune if rise up somewhere on a black horse – This dream denotes that your success will not stop , you will have success in everything now matter what you do;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Honor if rise up high in the mountain – You will get the great honor because you have deserve this. You put lots of efforts at work or at home;
  • Worries if rise up the stairs – This dream is not so positive this will bring you denigration and contempt which may cause unpleasant worries.

* Please, see meaning of mountains, rocks, stairs, conductor.

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