Ruins dream meanings

General Meanings:

Trust yourself and create Ruins as a dream symbol may indicate that you are currently in an awkward situation. But it is not so hopeless, the one thing that you need is courage and confidence then you will have an ability to build something new on the ruins.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Creation if work in ruins – You are working in ruins in your dream, then this dream marks that you are very steady personality and you have lots of energy to make something wonderful from damaged things.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Sadness if see ruins – In the dream you see ruins then this dream announces you sadness of your life, melancholy in your life. You are not ready to create something new;
  • More courage if climb on ruins – When you are climbing on the ruins in your dream, then this dream is a sign that it is time for you to show courage and to make something important in your life;
  • More patience if stand in the middle of ruins – You are standing in the middle of ruins in your dream, then this dream denotes that you have to be patience in all the situations of your life, because later you will find the solution;
  • Loss if see an accident of ruins – The dream announces that you will have loss and damage in your life, because all your plans will fail.

* Please, see meaning of castle.

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