Sink dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • No worries if wash in the sink – You wash your hands in the sink then you will repay your debt and will not have any troubles;
  • Better time if wash something in the sink – To dream of washing something in the sink then you may have a relief from worry, grief and illness.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Clean yourself if see a sink – The sink in the dream indicates that you have an ability to clean or to get rid of unpleasant things or feelings.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Love if see a shallow sink – The shallow sink in the dream indicates that you will have an affection in near future;
  • Loyalty if see a silver or gold sink – The sink is made of silver or gold then this dream stands for loyalty and devotion;
  • Earned reliability if see a brass or copper sink – The sink made of brass or copper in the dream indicates that you can build loyalty and reliability but with lots of efforts;
  • Free from debt if wash in a sink – In the dream you wash your hands in the sink then you’ll repay a debt and will become independent person;
  • Real love or friend if see porcelain or earthenware sink – To dream of the sink made of porcelain or earthenware then this dream announces that you will meet a faithful friend or lover.

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