Soap/Lather dream meanings

General Meanings:

Warning Soaping usually associated with falsehood and deceit. To see that somebody is soaped this shows that somebody wants to harm you for personal interest. To soap yourself – this is a warning that you must beware of dishonest people.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Ability if soap your hands in a dream – This dream shows that you will be able easily to take advantage of others;
  • No worries if lathering yourself – When you are soaping yourself in the dream, signifies that you will avoid dangers;
  • Popularity if woman soaps herself – This dream indicates that she will be popular among men;
  • Unpleasant event if man soaps himself – This means that he will get into unfavorable events;
  • Warning if to be lathered – This dream is a sign that you have to beware of insidiousness, not to be deceived.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Clear thoughts if soap yourself – This dream shows that you want to clear your mind and thoughts;
  • New start if wash hands with soap – In the dream you wash your hands with soap, this signifies that you want to start something new in your life;
  • Warning if somebody washes with soap – This dream signifies that you may be involved into inglorious affairs, you have to be attentive;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Cleaning sins if soap yourself – This is a sign that you want to wash some of your sins or bad actions;
  • Clean yourself if lather head – In the dream you soap your head, this signifies that you want to make cleanliness in your thoughts;
  • Cheating if be soaped – In the dream you are soaped this indicates that you cheat yourself.

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