Someone trying to kill me dream meanings

It is popular dream. It is fortunate one. You are lucky. Just don’t be afraid.

If you find yourself dreaming that someone is trying to kill you, this dream can announce an activity of your instinctive magic perception. It means that you are gifted with power to see hidden meanings of other people actions. Your subconscious mind is giving to you throughout dream this information: someone in real life is trying to make benefit by exploiting you or damaging your interest. Also, you are in a project which is going better than for your competitors.

Additionally, it means your opportunity to gain benefit of something. You are a person who runs ahead of other. It is a reason why your subconsciousness is sending message that someone is trying to kill you. A lot of people is behind you and trying to get where you are right now. But you are innovator and you always will be first.

Moreover, your dream shows that you are in the process of operating the exceptional competence. Something big is coming into your life. It will bring success and happiness even more than you can imagine.

Also, your dream means current condition of strength improvement.

Finally, a dream of being in a run from those who are trying to kill you, can be induced by recent action movie or any information related to killings.

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  1. Last night as well as the previous night I’ve had dreams of my loved ones trying to kill me subtly. I stayed calmed throughout the dream I’m not sure why like something about it didn’t bother me. The pervious night I had a dream about my mum secretly plotting to kill me and my friends. Later on in the dream I was at home and I screamed for no reason I just wanted to scare the people downstairs. But I couldn’t hear anything so I went downstairs and saw 2-3 people tied on the ground well my mum holding 3 knives and my best friend. My mum dropped the knives and my best friend and swung me around well smiling, she then attempted to throw me on the floor and grab a knife. But i threw her the other way I yelled at my best friend to stab my mum. The dream ended there and I can faintly remember my best friends traumatized face with tears pouring down. Last night, my brother was wanting to kill me. He kept asking other people to help him. In which they failed. Yet again I was calm and didn’t have a major reaction to it. I knew he was trying to kill me meanwhile he didn’t know I knew and kept acting fake almost like how my mum did the previous night. Until my dad was in the lounge and I decided to tell him. But my brother was behind him and I think someone was sitting next to him. So I waved my hand signalling to my dad to come here but my brother thought I was talking to him and he walked over. I then said “kodi wants to do something very bad” and my dad got up and asked “what?” And I looked at my brothers angry expression and said “nothing” my brother then started punching me and choking me uuntil my dad grabbed him and through him in this room and said “what can you do with him” I wasn’t sure who he was talking to and didn’t recognize the room let alone the house we were in but I didn’t take any notice to it. Yeah So if anyone knows why please answer.

  2. This is definitely the case with me… the setting kept being at my extended family’s home stead…and I’ve realised extended family members have been trying to destroy me for a long time, they keep psychically and mentally, financially attacking me… claiming I think I’m better than them… when I’ve never expressed such a thing… and I’ve also only ever lived and been loyal to these people… wish I paid attention when the dreams first happened… these people caused my current demise… broke my relationship and happy life up…

  3. So I just had this dream where one of a coworker I got involved with trapped me into taking the same Uber as him, bringing me to where he used to live, then when I realize that I was in danger, I tried to run and scream for help. Somehow this Lady appeared, throwed one of her ice skating she so I can Hurt the coworker and escaped, but he got ahold of the other one and almost there it at my head. Then I went and hide inside his house where his dad was . Fast forward to when 3 girls appeared to help me again. The coworker showed up, pointing a gun at us, then one of the girl somehow had a rifle in her hands and shot him twice, then he died.

  4. I prayed to let me know my daughter is ok. Then I saw an image of her smiling in my sleep and woke up with the uncontrollable crying. Is this showing me she is ok. Or something has happened to her?

  5. Hi,
    I had a weird dream and would appreciate a bit of help understanding it. Just a lil background, I had an argument with my mum the night before and things aren’t good between us. I’m also struggling to get a job and have been giving many bank and govt entrance exams with no success. I somehow feel that this dream is a way my subconscious is trying to tell me something. So here’s what I dreamt:

    I was at a train station with my mum. An old sickly lady in ragged clothes and crazy eyes walks in our direction. My mum immediately asks me to not let her touch me as she was sick and backs up when the lady tries to touch her. Then the lady turns and tries to touch me and I too back up with a bit of difficulty as my slippers kept coming off my feet. The lady then goes after mum and this goes on for a while until I decide to run. While running my slippers come off but I don’t care. I jump from one platform to another and find that the lady too jumps easily and has caught up to me. I keep jumping a couple of times but every time the lady catches up easily. Then I finally decide to run out of the station and end up hiding just outside behind an electricity pole (or something like that… don’t remember). While I waited for the lady to come out I wake up.
    What is your analysis?