Stock Exchange dream meanings

General Meanings:

Exchange speculation may warn and lead to losses, it often indicates the symbolic value of the shares.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Respect and money if see exchange – In the dream you see exchange process then this dream will bring you the relation with influential people and through their favor you will earn prestige, status and earnings;
  • Dishonesty if speculate in stock exchange – This dream signifies that you are trying to improve your life and to earn money through dirty affairs;
  • Loss if be an employee or otherwise professionally active in stock exchange – This dream is a warning about a thoughtless business, this will bring you lots of losses and disappointment.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if see stock exchange – In the dream you see the stock exchange then this dream is a warning that you have to be careful in your actions, because you may bring damage not only to yourself but also for other people;
  • Good progress if visit stock exchange – To dream of visiting stock exchange in the dream, then this announces a faster progress of your affairs which will bring you benefits;
  • Joy if running in the stock exchange – The dream is very positive which will denotes that the happiness awaits you and you have to grab it because it can disappear very quickly.

* Please, see meaning of shares.

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