Tangled up dream meanings

General Meanings:

Way to solve the confusion If the dreamer is confused in his everyday life, then perhaps he dreams a thing which is tangled up with other. It is very important what way the dreamer will choose to untangle this “confusion”, then this dream refers how he should behave in the real life.

Psychological Meanings:

For example, if the hair is tangled in the dream, then the dreamer has to realize that his/her self-image for other people looks tangled and confused.

Spiritual Meanings:

On a spiritual level, a tangled situation or confusion in the dream can represent persons’ desire to improve personality and the first steps of learning and developing process.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • More patience if tangle ball of wool – In the dream you see tangled ball of wool, this means that soon you will confront with difficult people, you will need lots of patience. If you manage this, then this will be well paid.

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  1. In my dream I was scared that my father was going to sexually assault me and then I saw a ball of tangled thread wrapped over the tv show of my childhood that I was watching:S