Back stabbed with a knife dream meanings

Short meaning: dream of of back stabbed with a knife may hint at relief, devotedness and consideration.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation of the dream about back stabbed with a knife marks autarchical heart, feminine sexual urge, cleverness and electricity.
Positive metamorphosis are about to become true only if: back stabbed with a knife - This synbol of your dream announces the condition of being superior to all others in power. You are a pioneering person. In spite of that, if it was bad dream then your dream can intimate backwards interpretation: an unspecified person may be tricky and/or difficult toward you.
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  • Humpback - General Meanings: Humpback as a dream symbol announces a period of life with many tests and changes, which is followed by a happy love affair. Hump (the back) can display sexual needs or promise of success. To see yourself with a hump in the dream may indicate good health. To be hunchback in the dream, you may expect that this dream will bring a backpack full of happiness. To see a hunchback, you have to endeavor to help and not to criticize the mistakes of others. Psychological Meanings: Get rid of bad things The humpback is a symbol of... (read more)
  • Dying and coming back to life - means a rebirth and new beginning. Dreaming about returning to life from dead shows for the dreamer a new period. This period will be much easier than last one. The last period with great difficulties has ended and the dreamer can now breathe more easier:  obstacles have been cleared and certainly are not coming back. Other symbolism of dream about rising from the dead has religious significance. The religious meaning of this dream is to prepare the dreamer for long journey to places of religious interest. Psychological meanings: Dreams about dying and coming back to life are clearly about fulfillment... (read more)
  • Horse - blue – then such a dream signifies an easy fight, where the battle will be not difficult to achieve. Other colors such as gold or purple always promises a victory. Will bring home wife if riding the horse which is saddled and long-tailed – if the dreamer had such a dream, then it foretells about huge changes in the life, even possible marriage; If riding the race horse – will win someone’s heart – which shows that the dreamer will fall in love with someone and will receive the same feelings back. However, if the dreamer was riding the race... (read more)
  • Cutlery - Spoon – The spoon is the least aggressive symbol beneath the cutlery. With the spoon there is the folk idiom ” the spoon deliver” –  the death. In addition, it reminds us the childhood, when we used to eat with a spoon. Also, this can mean that you have to spoon out your soup, that is to say, to carry consequences “as you have brewed” ( have done). Knife -The knife is a symbol of the aggression and on the other hand the technical or analyzing symbol of spirit. It is especially important, what kind of a knife it is.  Big bread... (read more)
  • Water - dream foretells of possible danger. However, if you see how the water subsides (goes back), it shows that the worst is already behind; A dream in which you were splashing and frolicking in the water, indicates love and all-consuming passion; If the drop of water has fallen on your head, then you will experience mutual feelings with somebody else. Zadek dreambook: Water in dreams by Martin Zadek can have these meanings: Clean and cold – health; Muddy – trouble; Wash yourself up with water – the joy and health. Esoteric dreambook: Water in dreams by Esoteric dreambook can have these... (read more)
  • Driving into water - (especially if it was close to your house), the dream foretells of possible danger. However, if you see how the water subsides (goes back), it shows that the worst is already behind; A dream in which you were splashing and frolicking in the water, indicates love and all-consuming passion; If the drop of water has fallen on your head, then you will experience mutual feelings with somebody else. Zadek dreambook: Water in dreams by Martin Zadek can have these meanings: Clean and cold – health; Muddy – trouble; Wash yourself up with water – the joy and health. Esoteric dreambook:... (read more)
  • Backgammon - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Some changes if take part in Backgammon – In the near future your abilities and talents will be checked and this will affects your life; Oppose if play – In the dream you are playing backgammon, then this indicates that you will meet with hospitality, but your inner feelings resist for this; No success if be defeated – You were defeated during the game in the dream, this dream denotes that you are out of luck.... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - has left him inflected with a small loss…. (Dog) (See Dog)… (Police dog) Dreaming of a lap-dog, foretells you will be succored by friends in some approaching dilemma If it be thin and ill-looking, there will be distressing occurrences to detract from your prospects…. (Lap-dog) If a dog tears off one’s clothing in a dream, it means that a vile person is slandering and backbiting him…. (Dog) See Dog)… (Dog star) A hand bell in a dream also means a scandal…. (Hand bell) A hand bell in a dream represents a jobber, a broker, a wife and her children, or... (read more)
  • Gravestone / Sepulcher - have to take care of your health if you want to avoid serious disease. Dreaming a gravestone (headstone, tombstone) with your name – This dream doesn’t mean the end of your life. This is the sign that you are now in the new phase of your life, the new beginning, radical changes. You have left the old life behind you and don’t look back you have to move forward and reach the new goals. In the dream  the tombstone (headstone, gravestone) of former partner (ex-husband, ex-wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner) – The unconscious shows that you still miss one of them... (read more)
  • Weapon - aggression.Shoot yourself, then he is perhaps his manly assets for self-defense. – A knife represents the ability to penetrate the damaged tissue and ablate what are the dreamer torments . With the knife, the hypocrisy will “cut out”, which dominated the situation. – The sword has different meanings. Handle and blade, which together form a cross, symbolizing a strong belief system. In addition the sword of spiritual energy, which is enabling people to give up unnecessary. The sword in the scabbard is a symbol of the dwelling in the body self. Psychologically: With all kinds of weapons are dream pictures,... (read more)
  • Lion - Association: Dignity, strength, pride. Question: How much of the courage I have? General Meanings: In general lion in a dream symbolizes cruelty and strength. Lion very often known as the animal with enormous amount of the energy, aggressiveness and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream: Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be killed are going to be very favourable; The enemies... (read more)
  • Cymbal - General Meanings: Need to come back to yourself Cymbal are connected with rhythm and sound. Therefore, their appearance in a dream indicate to the fact that the dreamer needs to come back to his fundamental personality or must recover after unpleasant situations (to come back to normal rhythm of life). The cymbal and other percussion instruments are often a reference to sexuality, in ancient times were used to induce ecstatic states. Psychological Meanings: The dream will bring passion and you will be able to harmonize your desire. Spiritual Meanings: They represent two mutually dependent halves – one can not... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - he also have no success in this procedure, this announces not so pleasant things that starting in your life, you may have suspicion of your friends; Many worries and loss if see when they are knocked out – This promises disaster, either you will suffer of business loss, or you have to do with death or injury; Financial worries if allow to seal – You will arrange your affairs this points to financial difficulties. You will get back lost valuables after long trouble; Undertake great efforts to preserve the assets if brushing teeth – In the dream you are brushing or... (read more)
  • Train - Association: The type of a vehicle, in which, during the trip you can see the view of areas through which you travel. Question: What do I want to see while I change my life? General Meanings: Personality and mental growth  The train in generally symbolizes the striving of personal development and professional success. The dream shows that the dreamer monitors the environment which may change his living conditions or personal growth. Beside, he mustn’t be afraid to contact with other people, because they can help him to get more knowledge and  improve his wisdom. There are some different explanations depending... (read more)
  • Tool - – The tools with defective or broken in your dream, then the dream is a sign of death or serious illness of relatives or friends and bad business deals. Hindu (Hinduism) Talents if dream of tools – Dreaming of tools may show that you are a capable person, that you have some unique talents which ones you have to use. Arabian (Islamic) Solved problems if see smoothing tools – The dream is a sign that all your disputes will be settled soon without any consequences; Troubles if see cutting tools, saw or knife – The knife or saw in the dream shows that... (read more)
  • Transformation - for a poor and a slave. One will be as a breadwinner – a woman, the others need less toiling in his slave labor; because woman job is less tiring. For a rich man, however, it is bad, especially when he is in political life; because usually the women prevail and connect family in the house. Therefore, the vision will exclude you all higher offices. Athletes, it means illness, the women are more tender with nature than the men. A woman is transformed into a man, it doesn’t matter is she married or is she unmarried, she has no children.... (read more)
  • Crow - the future, but having conversation with the crow symbolize negotiations, which will lead to ease; Will get back what belongs to you if eating the crow – to eat the meat of the crow reflects to receiving what belong to you, the more you ate of the meat, the more you will get back; Will get into conflict if fighting with crow – you will fight the person with the personality just like the crow one has; Poverty if see a baby crow – a fledgling crow in a dream shows miserable, sad, poor life you will have. Artemidorus Meanings:... (read more)
  • Death - already dead, promises gloomy and tearful news you will receive; Will suffer the hard period in life, but will recover soon if see an open grave – to dream of the open grave, signifies that the dreamer will struggle while dealing with difficulties, however he will be able to get back to the state he was before; Will leave the past behind if dream of dying – to dream of your own death, shows that the dreamer is ready for the changes in his life, where he will move forward instead of looking back. The mistakes that were done and... (read more)
  • Dog - the dream to be chased by dog suggest that you will be in danger; If you see that dogs are chasing someone else – this person might need your help. If it is the dream of dog chased by you, then you are in good position to fight back any risk; Playing with dog means success – To play with dog in the dream indicates victory. Your enemies will finally turn away from you; Fighting dogs means family problems – In the dream to see the fight of dogs or to hear that they are fighting, indicates the possibility of... (read more)
  • Ache, Aches - ache in a dream represents bad earnings and low profit. Regret if stomach pain – In a dream to have stomach ache this indicates that the dreamer is spending money with sin and might be feeling regret for doing such thing. Bad care if pain navel – Pain in the dreamer’s navel indicates bad treatment of his wife. Doubtful personality if have heart ache – Heart aches in a dream suggests that the dreamer might be having hidden poor characteristics or questionable religious sincerity. Illness of children if have liver pain – Liver pain in a dream indicates physical or emotional mistreatment... (read more)
  • Animals - behind your back or trying to harm you in any other way. Look deeper into yourself and/or the situations you are in. Mouse – because this animal is so small, in dreams it might represent the wish to be understood and seen. Maybe you feel like no one pays attention to you, therefore you feel so small. It could also show your actual fear of mice which reflects in your dreams. Deformed animals – to see animals, that are without some parts of their body or looks completely deformed, signifies about the dreamers features, which are not acceptable to ordinary... (read more)
  • Couch - You are bored and can not find something interesting to do or to create. Your offhand attitude to important issues or dangerous problems. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if see a couch – To see a couch in a dream then this dream is not a good omen for love affairs or married life. You will have troubles and unpleasant events; Be attentive if lean back on a coach – In the dream you lean back on a coach, then this dream indicates false hopes, you have to be aware of changes or important decisions and only then you will fulfill your desires.... (read more)
  • Lead - General Meanings: Traditionally the dream of lead has a connection with a load or a stressful situation. The dreamer lives his life not like as he wishes. On the other hand, the dream symbol of lead may stand for life force or masculinity. Control Who pours lead in the dream shows his ability to accomplish something useful, ability to control stress or unpleasant situations. Psychological Meanings: Requires changes In dreams lead may be as a sign that it is perfect time for change and transformation. The dreamer desires for changes in order to improve his quality of life. Desire... (read more)
  • Leg - the engine of the foot in a certain extent, it has something with progress and also with backward steps in our life. The sexual interpretation of the first psychoanalysts seems a little convincing. ( for example: You see when the leg slips into the shoe, it symbolizes the sexual intercourse. See beautiful leg is satisfaction of the sexual urge. Broken leg is equivalent with adultery.) Location and Movement In the dream the leg gives explanation about the location of the dreamer, how he stands and feels in his environment. Therefore you must consider what happens with the legs in the... (read more)
  • Barefoot - is deliberately aware of his inappropriate behavior. Patient self-control Also barefoot can symbolize dreamer’s humility and ability to endure life with its ups and downs. Be yourself This dream also can be a sign to the dreamer that he has to come back to his instincts and to be more natural or to re-establish contact with the ground. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level the dream symbol of barefoot protects your humility or grounding. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Stress if be barefoot at night with torn clothes – In the dream you are barefoot with torn clothes, such a dream... (read more)
  • Car - Association: Personal power, ego. Question: Where I am going to arrive ? Who  I am? In general: In General, car symbolizes the facts and subjects which motives that dreamer. The car in dreams shows the path of the dreamer, not only professional one or the personal one, but in all aspects of his life. To understand the dream that is related to car better, the dreamer must associate the symbols with the reality he is at the moment, only then he will be able to interpreter his dream. For example, if the engine of your car does not work... (read more)
  • Old love - General Meanings: Back to known surrounding In the dream to see your old love, this denotes that you will come back to known activities and environment. Also this may indicate that you will get an offer to start something new from and old known person. * Please, see meaning of love.... (read more)
  • Ear (botany) - General Meanings: Mostly Ears are the symbol of inner satisfaction and personal maturity, also partly they can be material security.  If you collect them this announces good success with a project or activity that you do. You notice that grains are missing however you must reckon with a failure. They are swaying in the summer wind: a mark of the maturity, you will detach from (unpleasant) habit. You will win a new positive attitude to the life with new friends. Empty ears point to hollow feelings which may cause mental tortures. They are bound by sheaves they point to... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - a dream. Drinking more water in a dream than what one usually drinks in wakefulness means longevity. ggg If one glass of water does not quench one’s thirst in the dream, it means discord between husband and wife. If one immerses his hand in water in a dream, it means that he will play with money and confuse himself. Fresh potable water or a well in a dream also could be the immediate cause of a trial, fight or calamity. Giving someone a glass of water in a dream is glad tidings of a child. Drinking a glass of spring... (read more)
  • Tongue - Association: – Taste & Pleasure. Question: – What do I really want to try? General Meanings: Sexual needs and feelings Tongue often shows erotic needs and more in general also feelings that impose us more and more, but should be better controlled.The tongue is a symbol of the male sex organ. Communication and Warning In broader sense, it embodies self-expression and contact with others. Sometimes, it is an admonition, is better your tongue (that is what you say) to keep shut. Psychological Meanings: In generally with the tongue people has ability to speak. In the dream it has therefore... (read more)
  • Barrier - General Meanings: Aggression against others The dream of a barrier consists of iron rods, then the dreamer must deal with how strong or aggressive he behaves with other people and how he feels himself against this behavior and whether the situation is appropriate and respective. Psychological Meanings: The Way back and Acceptance of limitations You are on foot or by car on your way and suddenly stop before the barrier. Neither a redirect or a turn-off is seen – it remains only a possibility – the way back. This dream symbolizes a “hopeless” situation, where there is no moving forward even... (read more)